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SSI Question - Applying/Denial


I wonder if the amount they receive would be higher if based on their parents work history.


I know that when you are approved for SSDI, they sign you up for Medicare. However, there’s an extensive waiting period until Medicare kicks in. I think it’s a year’s wait, so you need health insurance in the meantime

Medicaid is an entirely different animal. You qualify for that thru your state. In many states, you have to be very low income to qualify.

You can have both Medicareand Medicaid; you’d be a “dual beneficiary.”

Hope this helps.


I’m pretty sure your child’s “date of disability” is based on the actual date a doctor has given the diagnosis, and put it in writing on some sort of document, whether it be counseling notes, a hospital record or whatnot. It’s not based on an event or an episode.

I’d get the disability date corrected with the social security department, just to avoid confusion later on. You probs just need something in writing from the doc who gave the diagnosis.

We’re in the same boat. Our son’s date of disability is before age 22. He gets SSI now, but I think he’ll be able to tap into our Social Security down the road, when we retire. He’ll never get SSDI on his own unless he is able to work a significant amount, and I’m not feeling much hope that’ll happen.

Our son’s Medicaid started when his SSI started. Medicaid is his secondary insurance that picks up the costs that his primary insurance didn’t cover. Fortunately, our son’s $3000 monthly injections cost nothing, under Medicaid.


In south Texas I had to apply for Medicaid for my son - it wasn’t a big process, I just had to say he wanted it.

My son’s date of onset was the date I gave on his ssdi application. It was the date he had an episode at work and was fired for his actions during the episode.


Hi Hope. That’s interesting and really helpful to know that a parent can declare the date of disability on those applications. I probably would’ve needed to do that if things didn’t go the way they did.


At FtF they told us that the date SS sets can seem to be rather arbitrary. Since the application had a date for onset, I filled it In.

That was the point when his psychosis became too much for him to suppress enough to work.


We are currently trying to get SSI for our son. We were denied and filed the appeal. Recently we are starting to work with a lawyer. The lawyer wants our psychiatrist to fill out a Mental Medical Source Statement. Has anyone had experience with having their doctor fill out this form? We set up an appointment to meet with our doctor so we can give him our input into why he can’t work. But we are not sure if he then completes it and sends it to the lawyer or we get it back and send it in. I am just not sure if he will be on board with our son getting disability or not.


Most likely you don’t convey anything from the doctor yourself. My son’s doctor sent the paperwork directly to Social Security.

I believe it is key that your doctor must find your son to be disabled. Often they do need information from home to get the complete picture. Some of our family members can appear quite well to people who don’t have much experience with scz. Lots of documentation of issues with police and a poor job history are helpful.