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Supplements that have helped with my schizophrenia (almost fully in remission now)


I buy my product on


I plan on trying it when I’m done with what I’ve got.


do you feel that Lion’s Mane/Amyloban is the main reason your partner’s schizophrenia has been cured?

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But it also has to do with the meditation retreats we go to
And the breathe work and the pristine schedule we have .
We do a lot of productive things that have significant results
Lions mane is a big one…
The right kind

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Since you mentioned psilocybin… I feel like another unknown symptom of Sz is the eventual inability to get high off cannabis like neurotypicals do, so I wonder if Amyloban 3399 is healing enough to get me back the magic of cannabis, instead of the current pro-psychotic effect


A very specific strain that has way higher CBD has been very beneficial for our journey…
One question to ask is
What is the magic you are looking for?
Can you describe that?
Thc is probably not helpful for schizophrenia unless you have a movement disorders .
Lions mane can get your cognitive function working on another level!
It is very powerful!
Just by itself
I love it so much…

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The magic is the euphoria and music enhancement. I used to experience it when smoking THC during my prodromal phase when I was 19-22. I’m 30 now but I think I heard someone mention here that Lion’s Mane can “turn back the clock” for our brains and regrow the neurons.

Also, do you think Lion’s Mane could work for the negative symptoms of Sz (lack of motivation, social withdrawal, etc.)?