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Supplements that have helped with my schizophrenia

Hi NC. It sounds like you’re still focused and it’s inspiring!
I’m curious, have or would you ever consider fortified carbs like cereals that have higher b-vitamins and niacin? Do you have any thoughts on this?

Hi @Momdays. Try to encourage your son to stay off the weed. It is nothing but trouble for schizophrenia. Glad he’s working though!

I finished the PEMF and used it for one day, and my voices are so diminished they’re saying things like “remember me”. I still get messages from passing cars and such, but they’re much less too. Still in the Truman show delusion as well.

But I made the thing and it works, so I’m glad.

Hi @Wisdom, thanks for the kind words!

I use Daily Essential Nutrients to substitute for my bad diet. It is full of good forms of all the vitamins and minerals / trace minerals, except for potassium and sodium. It has been invaluable in my recovery.

Hi @naturallycured. Seems like you are doing remarkably well. Good to hear. Please keep me updated on your new water regime. Sounds so interesting as usual. Thanks for update!

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That’s great @naturallycured! Good to hear.

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Currently off AP and Amyloban. Seeing how I fare.

Just taking DEN, zapping PEMF with my homemade machine and drinking Ellis water.

Feel okay. Managed to watch 20 mins straight of videos with audio without freaking out. That’s a first for me in a long time.


Hi @naturallycured. You are taking DEN and drinking Ellis Water only, yes? Okay, let’s see if this works for you. Keeps us posted. Wish you well. Take care.

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Hi @naturallycured how are you doing? I’ve been meaning to post and see how you’re doing. For us we are okay. My son quit his job after his vacation which he was happy to let it go after about a week. He wants to get off his meds too. These are trying times overall, we will persevere. Take care.

Hi everyone. I just got Amyloban for my brother to try. Those that are more familiar with it, did I get the right one? I got it off Amazon but it wasn’t from the company directly, but a third party seller (I believe).

It’s from Mushroom Wisdom and it’s called “Lion’s Mane Amyloban.” There’s no 3399. The main ingredients are: lion’s mane (Hericium erinaceus) fruiting body extract, Anycenone Standardized to 6% Amyloban including hericenones.

I took about 1000mg today to try but didn’t feel anything. Does this stuff really help?

Hello @tryingtofindanswers. This is the one I buy on amazon made by mushroom wisdom. “Mushroom Wisdom Amyl Oban 3399, 180 Count” 6 pills a day. 3 in the AM 3 at bedtime along with AP’s and an antidepressant as well as a Prilosec (at nite). Best to you.

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Hello @naturallycured - I do hope you are okay. I want you to know that it’s important to continue working with your doctor and maintain some kind of medicinal routine. My son has been told as long as he lives at home with us he has to continue his AP’s because like cancer or diabetes he has a dis ease. There will be a cure one day or a treatment but right now this is what we have until that day arrives. I also wanted to tell you that for me, I still see my son as the person he truly is. He is a beautiful person inside and out and it is his suffering at times that is painful to witness. But - this is his journey and he has to find a way to live with this dis ease as I believe you and everyone afflicted must and will do to the best of their ability’s.
Unconditional love helps remind me of my purpose in my sons life. Stay safe, wish you well.


Hi @Momdays. I was on hold for some reason. Think it was pitching Ellis water too hard or something.

I was doing really good a week ago and foolishly decided to dial down my Daily Essential Nutrients. Relapsed so hard. Life is hell again. Had to up my AP.

I had such a good setup too. Just wrecked it by trying to fix what wasn’t broke.

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Hi @naturallycured. You will get through this as you have before. I can’t imagine what you are or have been going through. Be super kind to yourself and take it one day at a time. My hope for you and all that suffer from this dis ease is to find some peace, as it comes and it goes and then again, we wake up and say I’m okay today. I am relieved you have the ingenuity and foresight to do what it takes to get you there. Proud of you. Take good care and as always, keep posting!

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Thanks for the kind words!

Here’s a little gift for the forum, another antipsychotic supplement with studied benefits. Cheap too. Much cheaper than Amyloban.

Do you have schizophrenia? I don’t think you’d feel much besides maybe some anti-anxiety effects if you’re not.

Hi @naturallycured! Are taking this? I’m a little reticent, although the amyloben3939 is now $70US last time I ordered it. Love that you always have something new to try. Hope your doing well.

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I take it yes. Nice addition to the repertoire. It’s like $25 cdn shipped per month.

Ordered a full Ellis water machine, but I might get better SZ wise before it comes.

Currently just taking Daily Essential Nutrients, Glutamine, Vitamin D3 80k IU, Vitamin K2 to offset the side effects of that, and tinkering with Hydrochloric Acid drops to improve stomach acid, so bread digests better. It seems to make a big difference.

Semi-long term I want to figure out how to increase stomach acid production internally, so you don’t have to supplement it.

Vitamin D3 megadoses are basically a version of the Coimbra protocol by Dr. Coimbra, which he uses to treat people with Multiple Sclerosis. It makes a lot of sense since high D3 levels reduce the amount of gut-damaging zonulin being produced from gluten, and also seem to encourage intestinal lining and blood-brain barrier growth.

Upgraded my PEMF machine, tripled the voltage. Zapping my head, top and front.

Same protocol as before. Keeping it up. Forgot to mention Wen Dan Pian, taking that regular. Also taking the odd Haldol. Trying to get 100% silence.

This PEMF upgrade is the new thing going on ATM for me.

This morning voices were so scarce I faintly hallucinated a phrase over an ambient sound saying “You have defeated us.” But I still hear voices, albeit faint.

I need something that generates a deep brief electrical pulse though. Going back to the drawing board for that.

Upgraded it again. Wow.

This is on par with a professional grade machine now, in terms of Gauss output (theoretically.) I think it emits 18,000 Gauss, approximately.

I zapped the base of my skull once yesterday, and the voices were basically gone 30 mins later. I feel so close to normal.

This is almost good enough to be a once-a-week thing, or maybe bi-weekly, if it were stronger. Seriously that good.

And the machine cost um … $500 CAD to build, so maybe $350 USD.

Healing the blood-brain barrier alone isn’t enough to cure SZ though. You need to heal the intestinal lining as well. They are a unit. What affects the intestinal lining affects the blood-brain barrier.

My understanding is that this is very true, that gut health (intestinal bacterial balance and functioning) has a proven direct correlation to mental health.
Good on you for continuing to strive for a healthier, happier, more efficient living and not giving up!

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