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Supplements that have helped with my schizophrenia


I just got a few bucks upgrade that will jack the Gauss up another 6000. Will get it in the next 2 days.

Going to report on that ASAP.

Professional machines can go up to 50,000 Gauss so I’m not worried about safety that much, besides getting zapped while working on the machine itself.

My PEMF machine is about 24000 Gauss now. But I can’t recommend or make this to anyone for legal purposes.

The closest analogue to this in the professional space is rTMS, which is about 8000 Gauss.

rTMS can reduce treatment-resistant auditory hallucinations in schizophrenics.

My regimen besides that is basically DEN, Vitamin D3 / K2, Amyloban, Wen Dan Pian, sometimes Potassium Citrate, and the latest thing that made a big difference, Beta Glucan, a water soluble fiber from oats and yeasts that dissolves intramyocellular lipids that block glucose from being used by your muscles and liver. This gives you clean food energy as long as you keep your blood sugar fairly stable, and you don’t get tired as easily.

I’m trying to adjust my diet around Beta Glucan so I can have all day energy without caffeine.

I feel really good at the moment. Just like I’m in control of my life. Head pressure is bordering on normal.

Good mental state, lots of cleanup today. Going to put my life together.

I found a good energy stack (anti-triglyceride, the stuff that blocks your glucose uptake channels:) Beta glucan, Vitamin C (and K2 to prevent bone spurs,) and Zinc. Also a fat-free diet (except for 3 grams Omega 3.)

Keep those intramyocellular glucose uptake pathways clean so you have a good amount of food energy all day. Conquer those negatives.

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Hi @naturallycured! I am so happy to hear your good news. You sound like you’re doing well and continue to inspire. Such wonderful, vibrant and alive feedback. I always look forward to your posts(such a gifted mind) and will continue to do so. You give me hope. Thank you!

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Lots of good information here…ty.

Relative been on clozapine for three decades. He has done well. Last few yrs mostly a very healthy vegan diet…lots of fresh greens, tomatoes, onions, apples, blueberries, oatmeal, plant milk, etc. Low and good fats…olive oil mostly. Cinnamon extract with due to increased risk of Clozapine diabetes; COQ10 due to cardio risk; vitamin D 6000 ius; magnesium; some calcium; methylated, activated B-Complex (methyl B12 and methyl folate to name two); little bit of zinc; little extra thiamine; vit C. Prunes (and apples, some mag too) for Clozapine constipation. Am considering n- acetyl-cysteine mainly for the research showing it helps with COVID coagulation problems and viral replication (no COVID yet, just preventative, he’s older; youtube channel Medcram excellent COVID19 imo).

I don’t recommend NAC. Doesn’t do much.

If you’re worried about clotting, try lysine. The process of dissolving plaques is literally called “lysing”, as it involves that compound. This is pretty useful for someone that sits down a lot.

I was using Ellis water for that purpose until I ran out, now I’m back on lysine.

My ideal stack for diabetes control is beta glucan, vitamin c, and zinc. These reduce triglycerides, they help clear out the glucose uptake pathways from intramyocellular lipids that raise insulin resistance and cause diabetes.

Just 500 mg of Vitamin C is fine. 50 mg zinc. Beta glucan literally as much as you want (it’s a water soluble fiber which is really good at the above.)

I can stay awake for 16+ hours now because of that stack. Only a little tired.

But my diet is pretty much fat free now, it’s a high carb / moderate protein diet with only 3 grams omega 3. I am trying to minimize those intramyocellular lipids so I have all day energy.

I also want to strongly recommend earthing. There is a lot to speak of about this. It makes your sleep tremendously restful.

See this table:

100% of the people in the grounding group reported restful sleep. Only 13% in the non-grounding group did.

I properly grounded my grounding headband, and I felt rested after 4.5 hours of sleep. This is nuts.

I don’t think this is mania either.

Added pure John Ellis water to my stack. It’s been a few weeks, and where my heart rate was 100+ BPM resting before, now it’s 75 BPM. Head feels nicer too, in bed I pretty much don’t hear voices at all, but I start hearing them again after waking and the head pressure builds up.

Also got these noise cancelling over-ear headphones:

They work with Bluetooth, but have a standard 3.5mm jack also. Lets you listen while charging that way.

These are so good at blocking ambient noise. Playing an instrumental song like jazz = super concentration and no hallucinations, at least for me.

I tried at least twice via email to reply to your post, but it wouldn’t go through. That was back first of December. Then I intended to post at the website, but life got in the way.

Here’s here something similar to what I sent in December…

"This is wonderful info especially about the beta glucan for diabetes prevention. That’s really on my radar, diabetes risk, with my relative being on Clozapine.

Thank you for the lysine info. Stroke prevention is also on my radar. He’s about seventy, I’m in my 60s, and a close relative had a mild stroke in her 70s. The lung md at youtube “Medcram” talks about these NAC studies re: COVID19. It’s thrombi that gets a significant % of COVID19 patients…blood clots in lungs and elsewhere.

Speaking of COVID19, I posted/emailed this (below) a few days ago, but I don’t think it went through…? This: My relative with schizophrenia has been on Clozapine for over thirty years. He’s done very well. So far no COVID19, but being on Clozapine, are there certain guidelines if he should get infected? No other illnesses…he did have a brain infection at birth that produced some mental retardation, legal blindness, and in his early twenties acquired schizophrenia. The schizophrenia was never controlled well until Clozapine/Clozaril came out. It has served him beautifully. I am his primary care-giver. Thank you so much"

And to this above I’ll add…what about the COVID19 vaccine? Safe for people on Clozapine (his NP psychiatric nurse didn’t know). I did come across an article that said individuals on Clozapine should temporarily stop the med if they get the COVID19 Infection, Clozapine potentially affect the immune system. What do you think?

Thank you, again.

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