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Taking Another Look at Clozapine

I’ve noticed the same thing with my son - during his dr visit, he limits his conversation to yes or no sir. He doesn’t really carry on a real conversation with the doctor so the doctor turns to me and asks … well? Due to my son’s violent outbursts, I can’t really say much then so I’ve emailed the doctors and gotten in pretty good with the nurses in the office. Unfortunately, Clozapine didn’t work for my son and I was wondering how your son was doing now? Still on Clozapine? If not, what are you trying now?

Good evening. Yes, he is still on clozapine 300 mg. It is sometimes very hard to detect any progress but I do believe there has been some. He is stable, taking an online class, doesn’t pace so much any more… instead goes for long walks…but still talks to self/ mumbles a lot which I find hard to take at times. His doctor does not feel it is worth the risks in increasing the A/P or adding another… that this would not necessarily rid the talking to self symptoms. It is a very long and frustrating road…

I’m glad to hear that he is doing better. My son did the pacing thing and mumbles to himself - a lot. Now, he rides his bicycle - a lot - so maybe that takes the place of his previous pacing. Your last statement reminded me on the song by the Beatles (dating myself here) image

Also I wanted to share I get

just some tips on mental illness via email and they have added some tips on schizophrenia - I thought that was pretty neat - like it’s normal just thought I would share :blush:

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