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Taking everybody to court

My brother, 40, is taking everybody to court since his divorce some years ago. He is a court maniac- his first victim was his ex-wife, his last our father, who has custody of his 12 year old son. The psychiatrist who examined his son says the boy is in big trouble due to harassment (not sexual) it received from my brother. She stressed the point that my brother should be treated in the hospital, or else we are going to spend the rest of our lives in courts. The problem is he does not admit he has any problems - there is a double personality, one of a perfect professional and another of a person who hates his relatives, all women that had an affair with him and his own child. Legislation is a maze in my country. How can we tackle this problem?

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I don’t know for sure how to answer that but I would imagine that the courts would have records of his excess litigation and maybe if that was brought up at some point it might be the red flag needed for a judge to address it.

At the very least maybe the psychiatrist that has seen his son could testify about the issue, not sure if that is even possible, just a thought. It does sound like your brother is working through some kind of emotional issues via the court system.

I am sorry you and your family are going through this. Even if you can’t bring your nephew’s psychiatrist into the court room, maybe you could consult a therapist on the subject for yourself and ask for advice on how to best proceed. Maybe they can think of something or some approach you haven’t thought of yet. I found this article I thought was interesting maybe you will too. I hope you find some answers soon. What country are you in if I may ask?

Definitely don’t just take my advice for sound logic, or inside knowledge…

But I think if I were in this situation, I would stop all contact with him and put as much distance between us as possible.
It would be hard for him to remain obsessively angry with someone he never talks to.

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Problem is you cant just hospitalize someone involuntarily because they are a pita. The delusion that suing will bring justice for his suffering is not uncommon. My son does talk about suing a lot of people. He does not have the funds to proceed, but he still thinks it would fix things. I would see an attorney in your country for advice on how to protect yourself from frivolous lawsuits. And not to be disrespectful to the psychiatrist who saw your nephew, it might be better to teach coping skills to the boy. Whether your brother thinks he has a problem or not, really is not the issue. How the people in his life learn to cope is. His delusions, if fixed, are not going away. Watch some of Dr. Amador’s I am not sick You tube videos.

My son too wants to take his last psychiatrist to court as he believes she drugged him , very stressful .

Divorce and custody battles are usually never friendly, and sometimes are very, very unfriendly, resulting in kidnapping, etc. Many missing children are missing because a spouse took them after a breakup from the ex. This fighting can go on for as long as the child is under 18, for anyone denied custody when they feel they should have it, whether they are sane or not-so-sane. My friend is a paralegal with 20 years divorce law experience. She would suggest (and has suggested many times for past cases) your father get a court injunction to stop all contact from your brother to the boy if there has been emotional and/or physical abuse. If he violates it, he could be jailed, and an injunction can also order mental health treatment or substance abuse treatment or anger treatment, and if not done, can result in jail.

You cannot stop him from suing for his child. You might want to get a restraining order against him to keep him away from your father and your nephew and to order him to treatment.