Tell us how you are today?


Hi @hope, I do grow special seeds in that I love the dark colors - Grandpa Ott’s is one variety, deep blue. You probably know that it’s really easy to save seeds of morning glories. Most of my new sprouts are from seed I collected from last year’s plants. I’m in northern California where the average last frost is 3/25, so I should be fine planting out tomatoes this weekend. Good luck with yours!


It is a breathe of fresh air talking about our gardens! My late husband left almost a half acre of plants and trees. He loved each one of them. I am keeping them going to honor his memory, and it is a source of great serenity. There are many colorful roses, brugmansia trees, and other lush succulents. At one time, I knew the name of them all, but now, I just care for them, which makes me feel as if I am still caring for him. This is a great topic. Thank you!


@AnnieNorCal - Sharing the outside the illness stuff is difficult for me. We have so many who are really struggling on the forum, usually someone is in a crisis situation, I can feel guilty about sharing lighter moments. I think you are correct that its important to do so, we can’t tell people they need to take care of themselves without giving examples of our attempts to do so.

Did your rock pathway sink or are you having to move it for plants that have grown to large around it?

@amysfo - I am going to look for morning glory seeds that may be successful here. We get such extreme heat in the summer, many things can’t make it through July. i think they would look so nice near the guest house.

Here is one of my tomato plants. I just feel like it could be doing better.

@Cerium - what a tremendous way to honor your husband’s memory and feel a peaceful connection. I had to look up a brugmansia - they are a beautiful ornamental and it says they have a strong pleasing evening fragrance


@Cerium It sounds like you have a lovely garden. I had a car that was my nephews (who passed away - 17 years ago now) but taking care of the car made me feel like I was taking care of my nephew. I think it’s great that you are keeping your husband’s plants going. What country are you in? Would love to see a photo. Does your daughter help with the garden?


I have become way more aware this lately as well. I try to remember this as I go about my day. I try to have more compassion for others and try not to think about myself all the time.


We could start at separate thread but it seems like we are weaving in our struggles with some of the positive things that are going on. Is your tomato plant getting enough sun? You could also consider some fertilizer. I’m no master gardener that is for sure - so maybe it’s still just starting to grow. Here, we can’t plant tomatoes until 5/15.

btw - last night was the first time in months that my son did not wake me up in the middle of the night (usually microwaving something). I am hopeful he may be changing his sleep patterns and perhaps sleep at night. That would be a positive step for me.


As I travel these rough roads I try to pause and remember that the journey has taught me to be more compassionate and presented many opportunities to practice resilience,


@DianeR. Thank you for your kind words! Been out in the yard for a couple of hours now. I get an early start. I am in the USA, California, specifically. No. My daughter does not help with anything here. She does sit outside to smoke, so gets a bit of fresh air daily, only to be robbed by the nasty pollution from the cigarettes. Where do you live?


@Cerium My son as well - that’s the only time he gets out is to smoke. He seems to only smoke a few drags and then comes back in. He’s probably fearful of what is out there…? He has however also walked to the gas station to get cigarettes - once that I know of - last week or the one before. I have some for him but I’ve told him he has to ask for them. (Which he doesn’t seem interested in doing).

I am in Colorado just outside of Boulder. Very rough for gardening. We lived in Santa Cruz when my son was young. The gardening was amazing. I loved it but it’s way too pricey for me now. So here I will stay, at least for now.


Recently finished project!


Oh! I just laughed out loud - what a happy surprise these pictures were.


Can you see his little tail?


The elephant is great!!

I love crochet animals!


He is knitted. But I love crochet too - just finished this little lady last night!


Now I can! These are such fun.


Hi, what a wonderful way to find peace in your gardening, your late husband must have been very patient to have such a wonderful garden. I live in a townhouse and I have planted beautiful annuals in the past, but haven’t felt up to it these last years… I am getting inspired to plant again after reading everyones posts, but have to wait till the end of May, gosh we had snow today.


So cute, How long does it take to make it?


@vallpen, those are adorable! What a nice talent you have. Thank you for sharing your work with us.


Oh, I see now. I could tell the sweater and pants were knitted, but I didn’t look closely enough:)

I love knitted animals!


Hello to you all,
Today I’m feeling blue, I have 2 other children and I want to visit with them, but the conflict is with my husband. I Stuggle to do the things I want to do. My partner makes things impossible. The most important thing now is to have a relationship with my other 2 children. My son being the one who is really suffering with the mental illnesses. My daughters and I are also suffering. My husband seems to be oblivious to our pain. Everything is impossible and I’m wondering why everthing is so hard?