Tell us how you are today?


Feeling hopeful today - at my son’s pdoc appt yesterday, the doc said his clozapine blood level was low, and probably not in a therapeutic range, and increased the dose. My son seemed to listen and be willing to make the adjustment. Fingers crossed.

On another note, the neighborhood my son lives in has a lot of ‘community cats’. I have started setting traps and taking them to be neutered, then returning them to roam again - this is what is called ‘Trap-Neuter-Release’. Today I caught one I have been wanting to catch, a young female who is probably very close to being able to get pregnant.


So cute you are very talented !


Dealing with our son who is in hospital. Ofcourse they will not discuss him with us. He is not giving permission. We do not want him coming back home. He needs to live else where, as 10 years of this is enough.

But, they can discharge him and he can show up at our door. We HAVE to let him in, because this is his residency. Yup, we talked to police. I feel bad for him, but if wont help himself by taking meds, then i can’t help him longer.

Thats my day.


I know its tough. I think your only option is to get a restraining order to legally prohibit contact.


That’s what they told us in December, since our son lived on the property, basically he can terrorize us.

Restraining order is worth looking into, eviction is expensive.


I’m in southwest michigan and saw daffodils just 2 days ago. Yippeee yahoo. Spring may finally arrived.


Sunny day here in western Washington. I spent the last couple of days doing yard work, including raking up the remains of last years’ maple leaves and cleaning the chicken coop. Went to see my son in hospital last evening and took him food from a good restaurant and then we played scrabble… He loves that. He says he looks forward to the visits all week long, says they are the most exciting thing that happens to him. He is doing well so that makes me feel better. So I’m looking forward to a nice weekend of more yard chores in the sun and when I think of my son I’m reassured that he is doing well and is safe and so am I.


Nice! Okay except for cleaning the chicken coop, would be nice one you were done. Such a lovely visit with your son.


The eggs are worth it!


The difference is amazing isn’t it? I buy from a local family everyone can taste the difference.


I just stopped letting my family member in when I had to. Not like they know the laws and are going to call the cops on us?


Hi all, I am feeling like my sz sons personal servant today, I keep reminding myself that he has a brain disease and lack of motivation is one of the symptoms. Jeez this is tough!


We are near GR and had icy conditions with a bit of snow last Sunday thru Tuesday. Still waiting on daffodils. Today sun is shining and warming up! Here is to hoping SPRING will stay! :tulip: :tulip: :tulip:


I recognize and hate that feeling…


Not doing well today. My son’s doctor changed the plan so that he could take his meds without supervision. It was a disaster. He did not take his meds. The worst part is that she did not notify me that she was doing this. I am so angry at his doctor since I am the one who gets the call from my son not knowing why he is paranoid once again and acting erratically. Feeling sad and helpless today.


I am just sitting here shaking my head. Why on earth did his doctor do this? ARGH!


Hello all,
I did go to visit my grandson for his 4th birthday. It was wonderful. I also wrote to my son who is currently committed and plan on calling him later today. all of you who have read my posts know my journey and I appreciate your words of encouragement through these tuff times.


AnnieNorCal, that is such good news!


@AnnieNorCal, what great news, you saw your grandson, and had a good time! So glad you went there.

My day has been good! it's been a long time since I can say that. My grandson is a wonderful little man. 
Called my son Lou, who is currently forensically committed. Our family has not seen him since his arrest on February 2017. We talked for 45 minutes, about his sisters, nephew and uncles. but nothing about his accident or commitment, which is okay. He wants us to visit.
He talked more about treatment and group classes and he even visited the barber. Lou knows he is in a psychiatric hospital and the location. Big improvements to the last conversation.
My Husband and I live in Northern California, we are getting the visitor paperwork ready, and will be making another trip to SoCal soon.
thank you all for listening, AnnieNorCal