Tell us how you are today?


Thank you! Yes I guess you are right, it was a big day!


He sobered up and got weed today ,he’s not having a shower as he smells of urine, he wet himself when he was drunk on the kitchen floor , he keeps saying he’ll have a shower later, so draining at times


What an awful situation. He sounds so tormented by his illness. You must be so sad.

Are you able to sneak the full med dosage into him each day, or is he just injesting the meds once in a while?

Has he been hospitalized at any point? Have you ever called emergency services? Somethings gotta change. This has been going on for so long.

I’m so sorry.


Sad and fearful. Wondering where and how my younger sister is. She was just released from behavioral health hospital 4 days ago and havent heard a word from her. I miss her and love her so much. I wish she would seek the help she needs so desperately, i have tried to help her, but she doesnt think she has any illness.


He was 19 when hospitalised ,he had a breakdown trashed his room was walking on the roof and talking out loud in his boxers, he was put on 5mg olanzapine , was discharged a few weeks later and doctors said they never saw any symptoms I told them .my son knew they were watching him.he stopped the meds by himself few months later. He was hospitalised again 2 years later , he trashed his sisters flat and my daughter let him stay there .he just lost it , was hospitalised and again released few weeks later. Put on the same meds again and he stopped them himself , he was under the early intervention team till he was 25 . That’s when the care stopped .hes gone down hill slowly from then, he believes he had social anxiety and that’s what the meds were for .i just started a year ago putting 5mg in his food every day .hes not violent and is a quiet boy otherwise


I totally understand. I wish there was a solution for all of us: when someone doesn’t know they are ill. We want so badly for our relatives to seek help, and accept it. I hope you hear from your sister.


Wow, that’s an idea. How do you get the meds and what food do you mix them in so they aren’t noticeable?


That’s so sad, Gursevak. Does your son have friends? Does he see a counselor or a psychiatrist? As @oldladyblue asked, I’m wondering how you get the meds if your son isn’t working with a doctor or a care team.

Olanzapine at 5 mg is such a low dosage. My son took 20 mg at one point, and even that didn’t work for him. Can the dosage be increased or the med be changed?


He won’t see the doctor for this,no friends just me his step dad and sister and younger brother of 15 . His sisters his best friend . She would want to spen more time with him but she’s a single mum with 2,children one with special needs .


I got the meds online have to pay for them , feel so guilty giving it to him though but then where would he be ? On the streets .last time he was in hospital he just walked out of the waiting room.hes 31 now so it’s up to him if you know what I mean


He was on a higher dose in the start but they reduced it to 5mg so that’s why I stick to that .


And I crush the tablet and mix with his food ,just want him to stay alive :cry:


I remember now y he stopped taking them, he read on the side effects leaflet ,unexplained death or sudden death something like that.


This is a terrible way for you to live. The out-of-pocket cost of the meds must be awful, and they’re not even working to stop your son’s torment and need to self-medicate with the alcohol.

Are you prepared to call for psychiatric emergency personnel (police), to force your son into the hospital? It may be his only hope to rescue him from himself. It sounds like he’s clearly a “danger to self”, especially with the alcohol abuse and the broken glass and other objects.

I know you’re in the U.K. I don’t know how things work there, but there has to be a way to rescue him.

I hope you will have the strength to call the police on your next opportunity. You can even call them now, to give them a heads up. Tell them everything that’s happened.


Well hopefully there’s not a next time but if there is il do the right thing thanks for your support


Please do. Sometimes, to save our loved ones, we have to do incredibly difficult things that we never imagined we’d ever have to do.

We’re all here for you.


This definitely sounds to me like someone who is no longer able to perform self-care any longer due to illness.


Yes your right ,he used to be so on it with tydyness and showering before


I hope you hear from your sister too. Does she have any friends? Or can you call her?
Welcome to the site, glad you checked in with us. We do not know about your situation with your sis, maybe when you are more comfortable you can share bits of your story with us.
Take care AnnieNorCal


Hi I’m new to this support group…my mother is bipolar schizophrenic and she is having a crisis it’s been a long month of her adventurous style. She began simply letting strangers come into home. And accusing brother and I that we are witches and we are stealing her money…then as the month has passed she is harassing neighbors. We all been animal lovers, we own german sheppard and a pit bull when my brother lives with my mom and he was doing something she didn’t like so trying to hurt my brother. She released german sheppard on my brothers dog and now he is really hurt she mentions to my stepfather look what he did (brother)to his dog. She has gotten out of control she apparently sprayed my brother with spray paint and now she is being held for 3 days then trans. To women’s Jail. She makes me feel guilty [quote=“Cerium, post:1, topic:5126, full:true”]
Today, I am sitting here, with that same feeling, about wishing others would ask how my daughter and I are doing today. So, the idea dawned on me to come here, and ask everyone how she is doing, and how their mentally ill family member is today?

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