Tell us how you are today?


My husband makes comments that I don’t like about my son. He hasn’t done the research that I have so he doesn’t always realize that my son’s behaviors are typical symptoms of the illness.
That is really great that your son attended the party! Our family get togethers have been stressful for my son for many years now.

Your baby blanket is beautiful! I learned to crochet this year and I’m hooked! Good therapy for me.:grinning:


How great that your son got motivated and walked by himself to a social event. How old is your son now? I could never imagine my 23 year son going to a social event. Hopefully in time. Too bad your husband couldn’t enjoy spending time with your son, It is a loss for your husband. It is wonderful your son is making efforts to go out socially, I can feel how proud you must be.


Yes DianeR, I too realize how fortunate we are, at least at this point. Our sons are safe and medicated. But it’s a hard time of year, with students all excited and heading off or back to college. It’s stirring up a lot of emotions in me.

My son was supposed to be heading off for his senior year. He was robbed.

We can only be as happy as our saddest child. I don’t even know if my son is all that sad. He says he’s not, yet he plays XBox all day while the world moves on without him. It makes me sad. He didn’t deserve to have his future stolen from him. None of us should have to see this happen to our children.



I’m horrible. I had a meltdown and my schizophrenic dad told me “why don’t you jump off a bridge. Just go kill yourself.”


Good news is there is something new to try and it is working beautifully for my daughter.
My daughter went from flushing money, carrying a dead bird to bring backto life. Now after just under a week on stramonium in the strength of 200c she is helping around the house, cleaning her room. Helping in the kitchen and being present.
Read the link. There are 8 or more choices. It is the only thing my daughter is on right now bc age refuses everything else.


Update. I’m feeling better. I sat down with him and talked. He didn’t apologize, but he encouraged me in his own special way lol


Hello kellyshane, and all
Thank you for this link. Glad it’s working for your daughter. I was reading all the different types of symptoms. My son displayed so many symptoms, he definitely showed many signs even though he was never diagnosed in his earlier years. Lou could be or act very normal around people and family, he was either very good at hiding his true self, or we were just clueless! I can remember the countless times I had asked for help in school, I was the one suggesting that there was something wrong to teachers, counselors, doctors, with no help, no one, not even my partner (Lous father) thought anything was up.
My son is facing some serious assualt charges and it is very sad. Feeling hopeless…
Guess that wraps up my feelings at 4am, thanks for listening, AnnieNorCal
Edit: Lou is back at the judicial system where he is awaiting a pre-trial. The judge wants to prosecute Lou on all charges, and feels he is competent to stand trial, no plea bargin, its a life sentence. Heavy heart


It must be the time of year because I am feeling sad and angry that this disease has hit my family. I don ’ t feel very strong lately. I miss not having a “normal life”. I hope I can cope better today.


OH NO - this is awful news, I am so sorry @AnnieNorCal

I know that you have to guess, but surely this must mean that they have medicated your Lou to some level of competence. Frustrates me so much, they medicate them and then say “look they are competent and now we can try them for something they did when they weren’t competent”.

We were clueless with the symptoms our son was showing early on. Like you, I would tell people something was wrong, something was different. Everyone just offered up different excuses as to why he was different. I think my son was both clueless and good at hiding the changes - if that make sense.

In July our other son’s friend was found guilty of criminally negligent homicide. Medicated for bipolar at the time, they blamed him for his child’s death. He had taken his medication late the night before and was groggy the next day after staying up all night tending to his sick child. The prosecution said that was negligent behavior. Its a difficult world for people suffering from brain disorders.


I would get an attorney that specializes in mental illness and have them do something about the judges decision. The judge is not a psychiatrist and should not be able to make decisionson who is competent.



My friend the former Family to Family (instructor and trainer) said you need to contact the LA NAMI people and get a copy of the book that Greater Houston did - which was a breakdown in layman’s terms of a book done by Maryland NAMI.

She said if LA NAMI doesn’t still have it, contact Maryland.

She says it’s a parental must read for this situation. I will private message you a picture of the book it’s more of a spiral than a book.

It’s called “Beyond Punishment” - Helping Individuals with Mental Illness in the Texas Criminals Justice System” (you need the LA version but if they don’t still have it, she says Maryland’s is still helpful) She says that LA NAMI used to be a fantastic resource, hope they still are today.


Here’s how I am today- trying to breathe with all the smoke from the wildfires all around. This is our local harbor which is usually crystal clear. They’re advising everyone to stay indoors and take precautions.


Is it Senior year at high school? That is sad. I’m guessing he is not well enough to attend. Does he do home schooling?

I wish there was some sort of activity he could do with kids his own age, Maybe you could take him to the school’s basketball or football games so he can feel connected in some way?

It’s so hard🌹


Thank you. It is very sad. Our son leads a very lonely existence.

Our son had his first major psychotic break towards the end of his freshman year of college. Once that happened, his college experience ended. He never went back.

He would be starting his senior year of college, if he hadn’t become ill. All of his high school buddies have moved on. He has no friends, no job, nothing.


I know, the fact that my son seems to be able to experience some form of happiness from time to with his life, brings me some comfort, its a joyless comfort. My friend would say its still really early for your son, she is a big advocate of reminding us that change takes years and years.

Thoughts about my son’s old friends and their current lives do pass through my mind. I try to not think about them - there is such a big hole in my heart that I can feel when I think about such things.


One of the holes in my heart is missing a friend who I knew before we had kids - but when we had sons a month apart, our friendship became close. Now I find it very hard to visit with her. Her son is now in his residency to become a doctor. I know its my problem, not hers, but… I struggle to get past it.


Yes Vallpen. Oftentimes, if I’m with friends or family, and the conversation goes to talking about their kids and all the exciting things they’re doing and accomplishing, I just have to shut my brain off from the conversation. It’s hard.

Often, I just don’t want to socialize because I feel like I’m in a bubble. I hope that changes. People have said it does, with time.


I know that bubble, I’m not ready to leave it yet. I think the things that other people talk about seem unimportant. It makes me tired to try to talk to people, if they talk about their kids my eyes glaze over, probably more with despair than anything.

I have my pretend grandchild. One of my sisters called him, “oh that kid you babysit for”. I guess, whatever.


I’m really glad your son stayed.


Oh my God, Annie, that is heartbreaking. I’m so sorry you and your son are going through this. It’s gotta be the prosecutor who is pushing this so hard?? The judge is supposed to be hearing everyone and considering evidence. Hopefully Lou will get a fair trial somehow.

Could they extend his forensic commitment and eventually put him in the CONREP program (I think you are in California)