Tell us how you are today?


@hopeforus. It sounds like you had a very good day todsy. Allstros in thr right direction.

When I accepted my dsughter’s Illness, and learned to have no expectations, life became more peaceful for ud both. I have let go of the could ifs, since that I’d not part of thr true story day. What I’d real is that she has schizoeffective disorder, a complicated illness, that changes daily. I am happy that she is safe and with me. I retired in January. Working a full time job and taking care of her and everything else since my husbsnd’s sudden death has been a challenge, but I have done it. Taking care of her desilusión has challenged, i am lonely and miss my husband, but to the best i con rvrry dey


Squid, is this clozapine you are referring to? If so it can take 6 months from what I have read on this forum. To force regular hours, I know my friend’s son was given Seroquel at night, but he was on a really strong med protocol as his scz was med resistant.


Hi Squid. When you say not working, what do you mean? My daughter has been medication compliant, for 10 years. Although her symptoms may abate, she will a,ways talk to herself, say stuff that makes no sense, I.e. word salad, etc. This illness is so frustrating. Sometimes, different combinations will make her better. It just depends.


Sorry guys…this was a follow up to my earlier post about MY med! My apologies…the headache was sucking the few brain cells I had straight out…

I have either Chronic Lymphocytic Colitis or IBSD. The med will treat the first, not the second. They can’t figure out which condition it is until we work through the meds, as the biopsies revealed only so much. My Dad had colon cancer, I keep getting the polyps…so this other thing, the IBSD /Colitis is triggered easily by stress. Hence, for those of you who may know of this, means that my “flareups” as they call them, last for months and has been getting out of hand again.

That stinks.

I am already fatigued. The condition causes fatigue. THIS med also causes fatigue.

How do our kids deal with the side effects? The hives I could take…it was the constant mind blowing headache that was the last straw. I couldn’t even think anymore.


Bye the way…I did NOT take it this morning…and had no headache, no hives…yeah. Son has his Neuro Pysch Eval tomorrow morning, I need to get sleep and be clear headed tomorrow.

Son is on Seroquel…I have read about Clozapene being the “last med” for many. What an ordeal that must be…I’m beginning to have an entirely new appreciation for what our people struggle with.

Sorry for the confusion…


@Squid, forgive me if you have said so before, do you have really severe outbreaks of IBSD? My mother and sister did for years- both turned out to have gall bladder issues- have they eliminated that possibility with you?


Had similar situation a few years ago…my parenting advice was not valid because I had a ‘messed up’ sons. Forget the fact I was now dealing with teen chlld #3 and had learned a thing or two and that this mom was dealing with first teen child. They were in the my “child will be perfectly obedient and not make mistakes mode”. Sigh. Such parenting over confidence.
At the time hubs would say, don’t worry, we can make a bucket of popcorn and watch the drama unfold but they can never say you did not warn them.
Sadly, as our teens when through their teen years it turned out far less well than she thought.


Yes…wonder about gall bladder…don’t know anything about it really.

Stress is the biggest thing the doc keeps saying…limit stress, thrilled I quit smoking, and try to stay calm. Apparently I have a really, really sensitive stomach according to my doc. (I know…)

He reminds me to rejoice…it used to be much worse.

Now I’m dreading calling him to say this med isn’t working…dang.

Had our first appointment for the Neuro Pscyh Eval…I’ll post under that thread.

Thanks for checking back in…I’ll mention the gall bladder aspect, and will look into it.



This is the situation, though I did enjoy the mykidwon’ suggested by @Hereandhere because it is about class scheduling. The bottom line is its about the parent having the power to make the child take the elective they believe is a better choice to get into university of choice later. The elective the chid wanted to take is something she enjoys greatly as an extracurricular.

What upset me was that the child asked the mom, “isn’t this my decision to make and would mom support her decision?”

The friend was so put out with me that she came back on the attack because I said I thought the answer should always be “yes” in such situations.

The message instead was “yes, I will support you about taking the course selection I am making you take, as your entire future as a collegiate prospect depends upon this single class”.

What you and your hubs know, and what me and mine know, is that even the best of teenagers will rebel. Good kids might stuff it down deep - and wait a long time - but, go ahead and deny love and support while flexing your parental muscle and - hey - pass that popcorn!


My mom suffered for YEARS with really severe outbreaks. Finally, when a different doctor took a look at her gall bladder it was removed.

When my sister started ending up in the ER with her outbreaks of IBSD - Mom insisted that they check out her gall bladder. They did, and they removed the gall bladder and sister’s issues stopped as well.

So sorry, its incredibly painful.


Today, my daughter had her regular appointment with her psychiatrist. It was a great day! I go in with her, since she will not go in alone. A friend comes with me since when she first went she bolted. Today, she went willing,y, and stayed the entire visit. When the Dr asked her how she was, she said, I am good!! I have not heard her say that for do many years, that she is good, it made me cry tears of joy. Today, she is stable. She sleeps all night, takes her medication regularly, smokes less. She still talks to herself, at times, doesn’t make sense when she talks. This is schizophrenia, the illness. Learning to understand the illness, and pick and choose fights has been a long time coming. Today was a good day. Hope you are have a good day. Every day, we begin anew.


So nice to hear, Alwayshopeful.

I struggled today. I just didn’t have it in me to be patient with my son. Me getting hit with a cold and him being so needy once I got home from work made it the perfect storm.

Now I feel guilt.

Tomorrow I will begin anew.


Day to day, you did the best you could today. Some days are worse than others. Guilt does nothing positive for any one of us. I hope your day is better tomorrow.


Something triggered my son yesterday. I could tell it was likely to be a difficult evening by the way he was muttering when I was there fixing dinner. Later on, I got some nasty, ranting text messages from him. I can just hope he didn’t do more damage around the house.


I’m sitting here, trying to not feel hopeless and guilty because I had our family doctor have a judge and police to get my hubby of 39 years committed. My head knows it was right but my heart hurts. 3 weeks in and he has had 2 showers and no meds. Tuesday will be the final hearing on forced meds. I’m trying to stay busy and as of right now, I’m “keeping the faith”!!! I made myself a new car decal and from now on, it’s what I’m doing.


Good luck at Tuesday’s hearing. I wish It could be sooner for you all. The waiting must be awful.

We had to wait 11 days for our son’s forced med hearing. It was the longest 11 days ever.

You’re doing the right thing. The guilt will fade away.

Peace to you all.


Its so hard. I feel for you.


I am looking for an Alzheimer day clock for my mom. I google it and up pops a link for Alzheimer day clock from Target. And under the link it says you have visited two times in the last 90 days. I am beginning to think my paranoid sz son is probably more correct about being monitored than I want him to be. Lol.


Doing what is right is not easy.
If the reverse were true wouldn’t you want him to do everything in his power to help you?
He may not understand, but you are showing him true love.
Hang in there


I had a little idea last night. I am going out of town, which is causing me some anxiety since I haven’t been out of town much since my son started living in his current situation, but I didn’t want to tell him I was worried about him.

I told him that I was feeling excited about going, but that I am going to miss him. That gave him the opportunity to be the comforter, telling me, it is only for a few days, don’t forget to take my supplements, try to eat right, etc etc.

I think it made him feel good to be in that role!


@Vallpen I hope you have a nice trip! It seems more difficult (for me) to leave my son these days. However, I have a week trip already planned the end of April. We’ll see how that goes.