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'Tell Your Children' author warns parents about a 'true link' between marijuana and schizophrenia


Personally, I don’t think marijuana is anything like the pot from the 70’s. It seems so much stronger and there are sooo many varieties I really have no idea if it is even sort of like the “old fashioned” marijuana. I am happy that my kids are not using, they decided on their own to stop. Funnily enough, I don’t think the one with sz ever even tried it one time, however, she is anti any type of medicine or drug and doesn’t even drink alcohol except maybe once a month.


I have a lot to learn on this subject, but have never heard anything official that marijuana CAUSES SZ, but rather that it can be a trigger.

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I’m skeptical of the research done in this book. One of the thesis in this book is that marijuana causes psychosis and psychosis leads to violence. Psychosis does not always lead to violence, as we know.
I’m not advocating pot for people with m.i.,but the demonization of MJ in general is unwarranted.
It’s also true that people who have sz or other mental illnesses may be self medicating with pot.

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I am also sceptical of this book… I doubt there is a connection beteeen pot and mental illness,
But I don’t recommend it’s use either… Nor am I really in favor of its legalization. New York is pushing for legalization for recreation. They already did it for medicinal purposes. I am unsure if the benefits of medicinal use are that great… I did try some pot when I was a teenager out of curiosity. (just ditchweed I found near a corn field) and I didn’t really care for it very much.

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As a child of the 70s I have to agree. Mostly it was pretty mild. Unless you had more money and knew someone who could get you “the good stuff”. Unfortunately my life story includes a family who were users. I had two experiences (am a slow learner…once should have been enough) in which my paranoia skyrocketed. Before then it was funny to get slightly paranoid and hungry. But the really potent stuff…well then it was not so funny.

Really you have little idea what the process is when it comes to street drugs. They can be tainted or enhanced without you knowing what is in it. Drug sellers are not really too concerned with the health and welfare of the customer.

Bottom line though is mj is known for inducing paranoia. We really don’t know what the switch is to turn scz on so it is playing a dangerous game for young people.


There are lots of medical articles on this subject. Here are a couple that came to my attention recently.

Western University (Canada)

Brain and Behavior Research Foundation:

And I especially like this (NCBI - National Center for Biotechnology Information) resource where you can search any subject related to this or other illnesses…this is a link for the search “marijuana and schizophrenia”

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There are definitely some risidual effects on the brain and some clarity of thought when used regularly. Just food for thought. AnnieNorCal


My sz son, adopted at birth from a (sz) mom who used pot extensively while pregnant, found marijuana to be helpful in middle school in relieving his teen angst. Smoking turned into dabbing with the oil, almost daily, and he developed psychosis when he was 19. I am absolutely sure that this use triggered whatever genetic component of sz he has in his genes. i am a recreational pot smoker, and with all the legalization, you have to know your limits, like with alcohol.
Better to keep them away from it at all, so as not to mess with the chemicals in their brains.

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This is the one huge thing my son’s doctor reminds him about. My son is not currently smoking but after probation could start again. The doc stresses every time not to smoke for his condition.

I was all for legalizing until my son got sz. But with or without legalizing they would find a way to get it anyway.

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You mention clarity of thought… Michigan passed recreational use in November and my college age son said the day after there were only two people who showed up in class not ‘baked’. Technically not legal the day after the election but celebrated none the less. Makes me humanity is on a fast track of no one will have clarity of thought anymore.

The government does not have the right to dictate what a person can put in their Body. I mostly fear and albeit ignorance in the replies on this Forum.
MJ has so many incredible benefits. There are different varieties and have different effects and purposes. The Gov benefits from the billions of dollars of research money and patenting fees from Big Pharma. Yet, every medicine prescribed and sold over the counter warns of side effects even having those that the drug is supposed to be treating
Any one who hasn’t tried it and gives lip service is limiting their knowledge of the benefits and certainly has nothing to share other than hypocrisy and hearsay.

Yes the weed is much stronger than in the '70’s. Most of the street weed was Sativas. I never used regularly but the effects were varied uncontrollable laughter, the munchies, ‘horney’ and the negative sideeffect-paranoia. Fast forward to 1999 and a multi decade abstinence . Indicas which don’t give you paranoia, are wonderful for pain relief and sleep. There are remarkable tinctures , salbes that are rendered which are healthier than 99% of your ‘over the counter’ remedies.
Another social aspect- you won’t find ‘Road House’ behavior at a party of weed smokers that you will find at establishments that pour endless shots and suds.
Believing experts that said cigarettes were just fine? WHY ARE CIGARETTES still legal? It is an individual choice. The only tobacco products that should be sold are those that are pure-- why don’t they have to labels with the chemicals listed? Once again the Government getting tax dollars. It is a personal choice.
My son benefits form a stick of weed --Indicas.

Does it calm him? Is he on meds? What is his diagnoses? Curious as my son may start smoking again (after probation). Thanks!

Schizophrenia. He is currently being treated with Invega which has become a blessing for many reasons.He has never rejected any treatment – no obstinance with medicating–he knows his life as he knew it ‘disappeared’. He yearns for ‘normalcy’, balance if you will. It is a blessing for me too – I don’t have to remind him /bring him the medication.
Indicas calm him, mellow him out . In those moments where he is very animated and agitated with voices it works wonders. For sleep it works as well as Melatonin without the Melatonin hangover. . There are edibles if smoke is a problem. There are recipes and the art of rendering oils for any use you want.
The beauty of this is that you use it if you need want it. Not another chemical like Prozac that needs at least thirty days for a judgment is made to it’s effectivity. Sadly we lost his twin to a very poor medical ‘judgement’ inspite of my pleas to halt. It was producing the exact opposite effects than desired.
Please give it a try. Especially before letting these witch doctors administer another chemical with very DEADLY side effects . THEY have no clue – how to fix this they are just throwing darts. Our loved ones are the target. It’s up to us to do the best we can. I know I am not the only one who is horrified by mental health ‘care’ . I am in the USA and it is Mediaeval .

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@Lilo Well the pot, they say, is what exacerbated my sons sz. It may have been that and I think it may have been alternative drugs (spice), lack of sleep and anxiety. He is on invega which brought him stability with no voices that I know of. He works and may go off the invega next Fall. His doctor repeatedly tells him not to start smoking pot again. I’m in the process of reading Anatomy of and Epidemic. You may have read? It talks about how the drugs we put our loved ones on may not necessarily be needed for life like the doctors tell us. I’m sorry to hear about the loss of your sons twin.

Invega Sustenna as been a life-saving drug for our daughter. It returned her to a normalcy that we have not seen since her middle school years.

You have your thoughts and the right to share them… just like we have our thoughts and the right to disagree with yours.

The horrifying aspect of mental healthcare in America is the laws at the state and federal level that prevent families from getting the necessary medical care and medication for their loved one.

Yes, that is very, very true. It isn’t legal here recreationaly, and is still subject to rules medically, but anyone who wants it can get it. My husband has added illegal mj to his alcohol consumption and it make him very stupid. Way, way too strong. I haven’t used since I was 17, long, long ago now, and I have no urge. My daughter never used it, but developed sz at 32 years old. My boys used mj a lot, even moving to where it was legal for a few years, and don’t have sz, but have since quit, possibly due to fear since their older sister has sz.

I no longer believe in unnecessary drugs, medicine or alcohol and avoid most these days (years). Especially since meds for mental illness are such guesswork, it makes me doubt a lot…

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I didn’t say there weren’t medical benefits, it is just the legalization for recreational use that I think will cause problems.

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