The Globe and Mail - Third suicide prompts Brampton school to address the subject head on

Soon after 17-year-old Caylen Millben’s body was discovered in a wooded park near his Brampton home last month, his grieving father received a phone call.

Caylen’s high school was preparing a letter to send home with students about his death. His was the third suicide at the suburban school in less than a year, and the principal wanted to know if she could tell his classmates that he had taken his own life. A well-liked senior, Caylen was three months away from graduation and had already been measured for his cap and gown.

What is happening to our kids???

My one spiritual advisor was a little old retired music teacher in California. I used to call her her on the phone a few times a year and write to her once a month.

I would guess it was the 1990’s when she said to me, “People in today’s world feel in hurry and under a lot of pressure.” And things seem to have just heated up since then!