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The longer you wait... The brain imprints

denial and misunderstanding is a HUGE factor in this illness… Its not our Fault …its a sneaky illness.

The longer we wait to address what their beliefs are or thoughts are we loss time… with the right medication and with the right Doctors. there is hope ! The more they imprint their thoughts in their brain. they become imprinted and they are very hard for them to un believe … … Just like a cancer, we need to learn and the go to the Doctors easy how to catch it early.
High schools and colleges need to be educated and be informed about the signs before they move on from their 20’s. ( when they are out of our homes and we have no control over them self medicating or harming themselves. ). HIPPA… STARTS AT 18… TOTAL NIGHTMARE .

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Wow. Nailed it. How old are you? Seem wise for your age. It’s a shitshow after our loved ones hit 18.

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