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The Radical Movement Redefining Schizophrenia


For some small portion of the population of people who have schizophrenia this might be helpful (by itself) probably many more if used in concert with medications and therapy, but for most (if taken as the only approach) - I suspect it just increases the likelihood that they end up as street people with no support system.


absolutely fascinating article…I admire anyone that challenges the norm and thinks outside the box I do see this as being able to be realized in any other country other than the United States (at present) due to our current negative political climate…I hope that won’t always be the case


I think it’s an interesting idea if someone has even the smallest amount of insight.

I’m always scared that this kind of article could encourage some people to stop taking their meds though.


I agree - that is the concern. Its so hard to get some people to even try medications - so you have to be very careful about things that encourage them to go off.


Yikes, I’ve been down this road with my daughter. I’m wondering if these proponents have any experience in living or loving someone with sz. My daughter has gone on the anti-psychiatry, anti-meds band wagon and she either lands in the hospital or on the downtown streets in my city. Also there is a strong presence of the anti-meds ilk aka Scientologist in my town and I think she gets some of these ideas from these folks. Stay away from them. They are a danger to your children’s health.