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Thinking about moving to Tx (spouse thinks it's a "cure to schizophrenia ". Yeah right

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, since my dh has been hospitalized duing Mothers Day weekend. My husband got out and quit taking the drug they put him on (Clozaril) as it made him dizzy. Yep, and he says he “HATES” schizophrenia and the voices, he won’t do everything that might help. He says he’s done. He’s been on this drug and thats it. I take that back - he’s been on Seroquel for about 25 yrs. He’s been on that and I think he’s gotten used to that and now it’s rearing its ugly head. He’s still taking the 300 mg of Seroquel and he’s still having awful symptoms. Recently, we got back from visiting my family in Dallas. Now he wants to move there. Last year, we moved with our RV to Wa state from So Ca when we sold our home and still haven’t found a home to buy. It’s cuz my husband is super picky. I mean SUPER picky. So we looked at 10 houses while we were in the Dallas area and here again, he was super picky. My uncle has offered to let us stay in his mother in law unit until we found a place and to park our RV on his property. Craig (my husband) is all for it. He wants out of the RV.

I just don’t know. It’s breaking my heart even thinking of leaving my 2 young grandsons (6 and 1, the reasons why we moved to Wa) to where, yes, I have family, but no grandkids. Everyone we know (except my stepson and DIL) is voting for our move. My husband has a company to move to in every metro city, including Dallas so thats not a problem… But, just since the move last week, he’s started with 2 brand new symptoms. Does anyone have the same with ur loved one:

My husband will only wear long sleeved thermal shirts? Ok, I kinda get it in Wa. It IS about 60’s - 70’s here. Last year he wore short sleeves but whatever. But he wore it the entire time we were in Dallas where it was 90 and the 2 days we spent visitng my family in Phoenix, where it was 115. He says he doesn’t want skin cancer. Ok, so wear SPF. He doesn’ want to. Whatever

This 1 is way over the top. FOr about a month now he hasn’t been using his cell phone. He says because the “cell” phone is linked to his “cells” to his body and it communicates and not in a good way. Last Sun, he and my uncle went to the biggest casino in the world in OK. My uncle callled me and asked me why Craig wasn’t asnwering his phone Great. I even instructed him to turn on and asnwer him phone ALL DAY plz. He said he would. Within 2 hrs, he already had it off. My uncle tried for 3 hrs. And then just accidently found him. Omg, I was livid. Then, the other day, he and my son went off for the day. I told himto make sure his phone would be on.He told me for SURE it would be on for the day. I called him an hour into his day. Of course it was off. The entire day. Of course he was sorry. As always. Does anyone else go thru this with a cell phone? Just wondering if this was normal or just my husband?

Ok, I’m writing another novel. I apologize! Hope all is well in ur worlds! I’m hoping that we find a house in Wa (and he is still open to finding a place, as we’re still looking) but he’s more open to Tx.


Per the new “symptoms”:

I wear long sleeves and long pants most of the time, not thermal however. The fabric varies with the season. It’s very effective at protecting skin from aging. I’ll be 60 soon and look about 40. I burn very easily, and the effect is exacerbated by AP medication. (It’s a side-effect of several AP medications I’ve been on). I consider this more of a “choice” than a symptom. He’s the arbitrator of what’s comfortable for him physically and mentally, so I see little harm in it. My impression was his profession was one that didn’t require fashion sense, and eccentricities were tolerated because of his expertise. I’ve noticed a tendency for you to concern yourself with annoyances related to his quirks which seem to me unimportant. I advise most caregivers not to sweat the small stuff (pun intended).

Cellphone health concerns have been with us since the 80s, and now 5G conspiracies are making the rounds. I’m prone to forgetting to carry my cellphone or the battery going flat or not feeling the buzzer (it’s invariably on mute). I tell people to call my landline at home if they really need to get ahold of me. It’s funny my brother was drunkenly complaining recently on my voicemail that I wasn’t returning his calls and not carrying my cell at all times for his convenience. Often times I get to the phone late, and when I see a rambling transcription or hear a drunk voicemail message, it seriously demotivates me to call him back. I played the message for my girlfriend, and she laughed and said if I didn’t answer her calls or texts before she got home, why should he expect better treatment. I believe Dean Acheson said “A memorandum is written not to inform the reader but to protect the writer.”. Much the same could be said of some phone calls. Conspiracy theories aside, forgetfulness, stubbornness or rudeness related to not answering the phone aren’t confined to the mentally ill. My father had a tendency not to answer his work phone, because he felt he wouldn’t get anything done with interruptions. I learned to call his lab technician or secretary and they would hunt him up.

All this said, the TX move “cure” reminds of a thread a while back about people with SZ tending to associate disease symptoms with places, so they have a tendency toward a nomadic lifestyle where they could leave their troubles behind. I later learned this to be a fallacy, my troubles would always seem to find a forwarding address. I do see a plus in this that might get you out of the RV. I seem to recall that was a desire of yours in the past.

Sorry to be nearly as contrary as your husband on these counts, but I call them as I see them. I don’t doubt that he’s a difficult man. Good luck, and good to hear from you. @GSSP hasn’t been around for a while, but in his spirit I’ll remind you that TX has its fair share of firearms and they can be a cure (and cause) for many woes😉