To the Moon and Back


I’m sorry for what’s going on w your son. Why wasn’t vandalism, or disturbing the peace enough to at least get him a trip to the police station then hospital? I hope that at least the sheriff’s visit there calmed things down for the night. What are your other options? Does the hospital have any outreach?


So,sorry you going through this .


Hope, I’m sorry that this was your day. I wonder if he will relate his actions to the sheriff coming. We had a wild day ourselves but I was able to get our son
out of the house. It seemed to help. Are there group homes there who might be able to help him? Tomorrow is another day and I hope it is better.


Thanks Hereandhere, The deputy was frank with us. He said they won’t arrest him unless he actually breaks into our house. You are correct, our state’s interpretation of the laws varies greatly from county to county. Our sheriff was in Austin earlier this year pleading with lawmakers for help from the state. He said “Our jail is full of mentally ill people and we don’t have anywhere to send them”.

My husband says it was obvious that our county is doing its best to not pick up any more of the mentally ill unless it meets their new criteria.

The first time we had a mental health officer out here two years ago, he stated much broader reasons that would satisfy them for an arrest. We must have filled up our local jail and have had to change policy.

Outside our house looks like a windstorm hit last night. He has possibly dismantled outside electrical stuff - the pump for the “lift station” that works his apartment’s septic system looks to be one of the casualties. We aren’t feeling brave enough yet to venture out and check.

The only option offered last night was to go through the eviction process. The officer mentioned the uselessness of the local mental health agency - Texana. We know the story there, he isn’t telling anything we don’t already know.


We are about to head out for a few days away from here. Really sad that our only support the local law enforcement will give is if he breaks into our house. I guess we have to hope to survive a break-in or hope he doesn’t do too much damage if we aren’t here. Isn’t going to be much of a relaxing time as I suspect we will both be checking the home cameras constantly.

Last night was a new level of bad. He has never before acted aggressively toward us in a direct physical manner- there was no sort of response from us. Seeing him pick up that big piece of granite to throw it at our back door -that’s hard burned into the memory- I didn’t see the throw, I was heading for cover because I was on the other side of that door watching him. He might have seen my phone light through the glass.

Good thing a piece of solid granite that large doesn’t go very far when you throw it.


Unfortunately, you have to express things in a way that indicates you are concerned for your safety - and it sounds like you have cause to feel that way. They should be compelled to step in if there is a danger of him harming others. Really sorry you have this going on right now. Its so sad to be in this embattled state with our own children, even when we know it isn’t US they are fighting.


I don’t think we could have made it more clear, but you never know. The officer said he hadn’t broken any laws, that there isn’t a law against being crazy. We do realize that the situation he is creating for us, is the situation he believes himself to be in. Really sad that his illness has progressed to the point of him “fighting back” instead of “hiding” in his place.

We’ve alway known his version of scz was the insidious kind. True to form, it keeps gradually progressing.


And very dangerous… Vacation time? I want to find snow this year.


Hi Hope. I’m so sorry this is happening to you all. Is the Sheriff aware that more destruction of property happened after he left? If your son were just a random tenant, and he did that kind of damage to your property, wouldn’t he be arrested? I imagine so.

This sounds like a good time to use that expression we’ve all learned about that makes the professionals realize they’re the most accountable if something bad happens. It goes something like, “You were the last person that was involved, that could’ve done something…”.

Also, I wonder what the Sheriff means by “break in”. Does he actually have to forcibly break into the house through locked doors, or can he be picked up just by “entering without breaking in” through an unlocked door. Maybe the cameras can see this happen while you’re out, and he can be picked up then?

I hope you all stay safe. My thoughts are with you.


Hi Day-by-Day,

The deputy was quite clear that he has to actually break into our house. Said the damaged property outside was only grounds for eviction. Said it’s not trespassing if he’s right outside our door - our yard is considered (according to the deputy) community property for tenant use.

We have left - we had a few scary moments right before departure when he began walking around our house. He drove off and we hurried to gather our luggage to make our escape. I’ll be off the boards for a at least a couple of hours, more if I can let this mini vacation block worries and stress out. So no worries, we are clear- for a few days anyway.

Maybe he will scare someone enough while he is driving around to get himself arrested.


I really cannot comprehend how you feel. In the Uk you would have had so much more support.
Your son would have been “sectioned under the mental health act” he would have remained in hospital and would have no choice but to take medication, then even when he got discharged he would be subject to a community treatment order. I can’t believe what you guys have to go through with virtually NO help.
Thinking of you .


@hope I hope you and your husband stay safe and get a break. I am really at a loss of words (shocking) but I do hope there is a good outcome somehow. I am thinking about you and sending good thoughts your way.


And here is the rock he was trying to throw at me- we are pretty sure my phone light gave me away


Glad you were able to get away. Thinking of you and also for a helpful outcome for everyone. You have been through a terrible experience. I hope you can take some time to unwind.:wine_glass::pray:


If this rock had hit you, he would be gone for a very long time…


You can see why I “relocated myself” to behind our stoutest GLASSLESS door and hit 911 on the phone when he picked it up and started running towards the back door with it. All our doors have big sections of glass - would have chosen different doors if I had to do it over again. The things we learn in this business.


We shall have to resist checking our cameras too often to give ourselves a real break. Already in airport lounge with a beer…cheers Jan


Maybe next time one of us should “take one for the team” to get some help. So many people have dealt with so much more than that, I feel a bit bad complaining.


I’m so sorry. What a shame he has damaged property you tried to feel safe in. I was just going to ask if you were able and had before left for a few days.

Yesterday, our son turned off the main breaker system downstairs. Since I was upstairs I didn’t notice it. I went to work. The fire alarm called in a fire and because we have an all volunteer staff the nearest fire department is 30 minutes. Our neighbor called and I ran home. Everything was okay but I couldn’t find the phone. Finally I was able to get the alarm company to cancel it before they come.
My husband came home and disconnected all of our batteries. This just stinks but we did tell our son and he appeared to listen. Time will tell if he will do it again.
I hope you both can get away for a little break.


ThanksMom2, I really wish they wouldn’t mess with the electricity. I worry mine is going to give himself his own shock therapy one of these days. What a day you had, but of course, its just another day for all of us, right;)?

We both slept well last night - thanks.