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Thoughts and prayers with you all!!


Hey Sando! Thanks for coming and sorry you’re here but it’s great to hear from you… often times there are newer folks that may not understand why we bring humor (however dark, dry, sarcastic, tasteless or ruthless) to this forum. Sometimes they’re offended, appalled even, baffled at our callousness… but it’s a mark of a strong and passionate caregiver. At some point, when we’ve been at it long enough, there’s just nothing left to do but laugh away a tear, throw our flailing hands up in the air and laugh at the the excitingly catastrophic reality that is ours with our loved ones. Good stuff. Thank you for starting the thread!
I apologize it took me awhile to respond. I took myself on a short hiatus to try and enrich my catastrophic reality with all things seasonally rich and spirited and embed it into our home…(my MI partner of 10+ years).
Thanks for showing and sharing. I’ll ponder the topic a bit more and return… thank you!

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OMGosh Hope… ahhahahaha… lol… I AM SO sorry!.. that’s… I’m almost crying… lol

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It’s par for course here. Weather the storms. And those storms seem to break primarily with a target trajectory of just over MY head… this seems common with MI. The people/places they are most comfortable with, kind of catch 22 because the consistency of daily life and love and support we offer I believe and it seems in our case anyways has been singularly instrumental in bring my MI partner to be able to live a reasonably ‘normal’ life, succeeding from ‘constant crisis’ I call it to a few minor episodes a week…