Triggered/Hurt by Dishonest People

I took a picture of this violin I was gonna get appraised at a local violin repair shop. I showed the man working there, the date read basically:

Copy of
Germany (it looked antique)

The second violin looks almost similar. It has less discoloration.
The wood is not as old and it reads:

Copy of Antonio Stradivarius
Made in WEST Germany
1713 (This one looks 50 years old)

So the value of the second is around 1,000 or more. I talked to the guy working there. He read the label out loud and everything plus I have the picture.

I think it was authentic. Anyways, I come back four days later and they switched both the violin and the bow. I noticed the bow first. Then I read on the inside. My dad gave me the violin. But he only gave it to me after I noticed this. Over the phone he told me not to bother getting it repaired and that it was a piece of junk and then later he gave it to me. It was a graduation present from his mom. So…he told me I was delusional and asked if I was taking my meds and didn’t even believe me. He also talked to the owner of the store the day before I got it back, which I just thought was odd. I was so upset I told him I was going to leave or move out because i was tired of it.

My dad broke down crying.

Why would an older looking violin be fake? Because the second one doesn’t have the same wood, bow or label. But I can just tell. I LOVED the other violin because I wanted to fix it and I wanted to play it. I wouldnt have wanted to get it repaired if I didnt think it was worth it and pretty. It’s not that I’m into selling it. I wanted to play it!! I also am kinda scared and shocked by the dishonesty. Why would my dad think it was the same violin that’s been sitting in the attack for years. It just seemed strange because there was mold on the inside, MOLDING like it was refurbished. I looked on the inside and it wasn’t there before, but he said it was. So… my friend said maybe my dad sold it and had it switched. But isn’t that a stretch? He also gave me the violin. SO it’s technically mine.

I called the one shop person I trust there, and he said to come in today and he would try to get my violin back.

Not only this, but people have been harassing me so I had to cut off someone I thought was a best friend. The fact that my “illness” was used to justify something being stolen from me.

Stealing is never ok. I hope you get your violin back.

Thanks. Yeah when I first was there he said it was worth 695 and wanted to make a trade. Now I’m told its worth 100 dollars, then I’m told they’ll trade me it and I have to pay 200 for a cheaper violin. I found out my violin was worth about 2,000. I went there this morning and was very nice despite the situation. I don’t know what to do. I know it’s a European model and the other one is a later model and he confirmed my suspicions that this one is 50 years old.