Trying to be there for my son's future through exercise


Wow, 4 months!

Your plan seems pretty solid. I’m sure at this point, you are very much in tune with what your body needs in order to change the way you want.
You just might start noticing that you have to push harder to see the same rate of change that you’ve been getting. That’s the “plateau” I wrote about a while back.
Don’t let it discourage you. Stick to your plan and base your exercises off what works for you personally!

Rather than double post, I’ll just add my update here:

I’m seeing a positive trend in my average heart rate while weightlifting over the past week or so. Focusing on cardio has definitely made a big difference in the level of intensity I can sustain while lifting, and that’s a really exciting development!
I’m beginning to realize the utility of having shed away some weight during my cardio phase. I may have looked well enough in the past, but I think I’ve really unlocked a new level of potential that I otherwise would not have.

The data-obsessed number-crunching nerd in me is quite intrigued to see how putting muscle back on will effect my capacity for cardio; Specifically, can I possibly perform to the same level while sustaining a manageable heart rate as I do now when running. Conventional knowledge states that more muscle consumes more energy (and therefore, needs more bloodflow to get it). I think it comes down to keeping the focus on strengthening my heart and my muscles in tune with each other.
Exciting stuff!