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Trying to hang in there

My daughter has been diagnosed with treatment resistant. schziophernia So the next step is colazapine I am so afraid this drug wont work.Does any one know what the next step is from here .Any advice would sure help.I have been on this journey with her for 13 yrs est.She has always had a very weak immune system.

Zuclopenthixol and risperidone in high doses (10 or 12 mg according to her weight as well) with depakine chrono and a sedative. This worked well to my brother after clozapine. Clozapine had too many side effects. What i ve understood after so many years is that depakine really does work and should be a must add on therapy. My brother was also resistant to almost all therapies. In fact to all except those 2 therapies ive mentioned.