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TW For some reason i think the worst that can happen is if she just 'goes missing'

Totally escaped my mind… when she went around the globe i was afraid something would happen while she is now in London it is as terrifying as ever her being away (although it is more of a respite for me than for our mum who is constantly terrified what will happen)

When our Schizophrenic middle sister went missing for days at a time and for all the dreams i have had where our deceased sister came back from being missing for 6 yrs and had not died…

all through all of this i always scared the carp out of myself thinking she would complete suicide

now i think i have hit something i can silently scream about
if she goes properly long term missing.

just that

one day at a time , i used to think what if and what if and it made me nuts , i now take one day at a time


Yes - there is that!!


Can’t tell you how bad it’s been with that one (fears of suicide)

Trust me i understand and im sorry for your pain but i really get it , hang in there

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I know


she’s going to Germany soon on her own to potentially try to sort a relative’s property

on a good few weeks she has at one point decorated with professional type consideration…

i don’t get where she gets clarity from
but maybe it’s really like they say that sugar coated ‘i’m alright’ to the services, will prevent treatment

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This is always a worry for this mom . She lives with her husband , who rarely leaves her , but if she feels the need , I hope she is not afraid to call home. One day at a time.

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