Uncle won't get the message

I am sure I started a topic about my uncle somewhere but anyway. My uncle from across the world used to keep on texting me. I replied because I didn’t want to be rude. He would ask me how I was and try to have conversations and keep spamming my whatsapp with pictures and videos. I don’t think he is very good at English because he sent me a “thinking of you card”, not something you’d send to a relative (says my mum). Personally, I felt he didn’t know what the card even meant and just sent it because it had a pretty picture. I don’t know.


It was very annoying because I couldn’t work with him texting me all the time when I clearly told him I was at work.

He wanted me to help his son find a uni here in this country. He wanted to know of a suitable uni. I got his sons no and messaged him.

Then I told his son that before he comes to make living arrangements.

Obviously my uncle and his family did not like this because he wanted his son to stay with us. Maybe we’re being not so generous but we are a large family, mum dad me bro and nan and gran. Yes we have space but why can’t they see my parents have enough responsibility as it is. Its not easy talking care of two children (ok im not a child but am to them) and elderly parents.

The man ( my uncle) keeps trying to get in touch with my parents but does it through his mother who when phones always sounds angry. She said her other relative is prepared to accept him into their home. What crap! The relative they are talking about lives miles away from the uni how on earth is he going to get to the uni and back? I don’t think they’ve thought this through.

We’re all scared that we’ll end up taking him in. I know this sounds bad, but we honestly cannot have him live with us.

Besides texting all the time, did your Uncle do something to make the family angry? Is your Uncle or cousin SZ or special needs in any way? I’m trying to understand why no one wants to talk to your Uncle.

No. I am sz. Sorry if I posted in wrong section. We’re not angry at them but we can’t afford to look after his son both mentally and financially.

Stand your ground with the uncle. He is out of line by asking for this. He can not demand a relative to take someone in because there is so many there one more won"t make the difference.

Thank you for the reply. I just hope he can understand someday. :frowning: