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‘Underworld’ triumphs over mental illness via greek myth

I haven’t read this and I’m not endorsing it, just passing it on…

Delusion is the grey area between fantasy and reality. We seldom explore this realm for a number of reasons: the dark shadows that lurk in its corners and the unseen things that might leap out at us should we venture within, or the social taboos that seem to hover over the topic of mental illness; but I think the most poignant reason is because how familiar it might seem to us … and that is a truly scary prospect.

So it is with Underworld, the latest release from Renegade Arts Entertainment. A collaboration between writer Lovern Kindzierski and GMB Chomichuk, Underworld is the tale of a local politician, fallen from grace into a fugue of delusion and psychosis. Emerging from the local hospital (St. Boniface in Winnipeg, Manitoba) and into the Red River, he begins to make his way home to the family he abandoned. His addled mind interprets the journey as the Odyssey and the various obstacles Odysseus encountered on his return to Ithaca are what Hector Ashton sees on the streets of Winnipeg.