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Update: good news and bad news

This is Windyhill (Carl) from upstate New York. It’s been a while since I have been on here… and even then I won’t be able to be on here very much… But I wanted to update you…

If you remember I originally joined in January of last year (2019). My daughter Allie was diagnosed with Schizotypal personality disorder after being hospitalized in February. She is a very artistic person as well as a very creative writer. Last time I was on here, she was considering going to the local community college to study art.

So here is the good news: She is doing quite well. She finished her first year in the honors program. She was feeling some anxiety with everything going on with the corona virus, but over all she is doing well.

Next year all three of my children will be attending Messiah College. My daughter Allie will be transferring there from the community college to continue her studies in art.

Now for the bad news…
Over the years, I have made a series of real bad personal choices that ultimately resulted in tearing apart my family in November. My wife and I are currently separated (physically, not legally). I am living in a city an hour away from my family with a roommate and my dog… I am going through counselling to deal with my personal demons. My wife is also going through her own counselling to deal with her bitterness.

So I don’t have as much regular contact with my kids any more, but this doesn’t mean I care any less than I did before. My wife and I are on speaking terms… We often talk by phone and text each other. Even so, I am not always as up to date with what is going on with my kids as much I would like to.

This has been a wake up time for me and I have been rekindling my faith, which has been a great help in dealing with my personal demons. I have a couple of friends who have been there for me during all this.

Someday, I hope that my wife and I will reconcile, but I have no idea at this point when or if it will happen.


I have been wondering how your daughter (and you!) were doing. Sorry that you are going through such a challenging time, but it sounds like you are making important changes. I hope it gets sorted out all right. It must be hard going through all that in the midst of Covid.

Great news about your daughter! I am so impressed and glad that college is working out for her,
Thank you for updating us. Best wishes to all of your family.

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The good news about her going to Messiah College, is that they have counselors/therapists on campus that Allie will be able to meet with. They just don’t have psychiatrists on campus who would be able prescribe her medicine… So she will still have find a way to meet with one here from time to time.

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