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We are entering our 6 month off AP(invega sustenna)

My partner would describe her condition as being so drugged up that it would take away her awareness completely…
She has had asbergers and couldn’t tell because of the drug that made her body awareness diminish…
Learning about asbergers has been a learning curve for both of us!
I used to think bipolar disorder or borderline personality disorder
Or anxiety disorder or ocd
Or psychotic disorder
I couldn’t see Schizophrenia as being an accurate diagnosis because of the stories I’ve see here…
I am learning different ways of communication and understanding…
Life has been drastically progressing since getting off the antipsychotics!
It’s been a tough road with tons of realizations
And not knowing what was going on
But figuring out her real diagnosis has really saved us!
she is very happy to have gotten off her APs that have really been killing her awareness,drive,and physical body,
Her hormones are balancing out now
We go to the gym every other day
We have a diet regimen
She practices mantra all the time
She is always looking for ways to be better and healthier
Her biggest thing is to be understood…
Here is a list of what we are doing so far

Kanna extract
Magnesium citrate
Very amazing CBD product
We got the best supplier …
We take Benadryl sometimes due to the extra pyramidal side effects that she is still going through…

We are also taking probiotics…

She has anger issues sometimes when she isn’t understood and doesn’t get what the plan attended
And gets really attatched to it…
This is the biggest thing
Her mood depends on her obsessions and a routine and extensive planning…
And I am like the wind and very free spirited with change
It’s been a learning curve for me…
I figure I’d keep all of you updated !
And let you know exactly what’s going on!


Thank you for sharing , please keep us updated and keep well

When my brain is inflamed from a food trigger, I start to get somewhat manic and start making lofty plans for myself. It’s pretty annoying. I’d prefer not being so full of myself and just do the things that need doing, instead of rubbing my ego with planning, but that mode of thought is being forced out due to the inflammation of my critical faculties.

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So very happy for you and your partner @TheSunshineMaras. May she continue to improve daily and may she never ever go back on these AP’s!

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