We need a miracle

I want to assure you that you are NOT a bad mother for wanting some life of your own. My parents took care of all my brothers needs for all of his schizophrenic life. He was diagnosed at 22 and is currently 57. After living with them for 3 years they got him an apartment and when he did work he attempted to pay for part of the rent. They wanted to have a life, which is exactly why they got him a place to live. My dad died 4 years ago and my mom is now 87! They NEVER let him live with them as long as they could continue to pay all his expenses. His disability covered part of his rent.
He would have destroyed their life, if he lived with them.


I know it’s a stretch, there is a device we are using called Athelas.

It is a home neutrophil testing unit small prick and sends info to the rems organization. Clozapine is supposed to be the best medication.
Bethany who is mentioned above is an amazing resource.

The uncontrolled raging is so so scary, you are in my thoughts. Hoping your son will experience some internal awareness soon.

In the curesz website the have a list of drs that scribe Clozaril to patients based on your area. . Drs can override the bloodwork requirements. But the Athelas device is a miracle. They have their Ian pharmacy and overnight meds to you. If insurance won’t cover it, they work with you…


Sorry I’m just now reading this…and haven’t read every comment on this post…but my initial thought is that you can push for Clozapine. There are several comments on other posts on this site about Clozapine. Don’t let a PA keep you from it! There are ways to counter weight gain! Clozapine is an underused medication in the U.S. If you do Faceook, I highly recommend the private page Team Daniel and the Clozapine Community which is overseen by medical professionals when it comes to medical advice. They also maintain a list of known Clozapine providers in each state. Also, the best know expert on the use of Clozapine has an excellent book " MEANINGFUL RECOVERY from Schizophrenia and Serious Mental Illness with Clozapine: Hope & Help" by Dr. Laitman.