What are your experiences with taking care of loved one and side effects?


Hi just wondering what are your experiences with side effects as a caregiver or what is a bad day? I’m just trying to figure out how does anyone know which med is working…or how do you know if it is a good med?


If, at the end of the day, you have not cried too much, not had a anger meltdown, not felt hopeless, frustrated and at your wits end…consider that a good day.
If, at the end of the day, it seemed pretty easy, you recall smiling, laughing, and wasn’t ready to call it a night because you wouldn’t mind some more…then the meds must be working, consider it a great day, change nothing, pray for more.


otherwise you’ll end up like me, I was once a caregiver, now I’m also a mess.


**As far as the meds go, that`s a trial and error thing and would have to be looked at along with the doctor.You can also go online and look up any medications with their side effects. Most days, you just have to wing it in regard to the side effects. If you are unsure, call the doctor or pharmacist. Keep good notes!


I ask my son how he’s feeling. Are his symptoms showing up? If there are any problems which might be side effects or symptoms, I ask him to discuss them with his psychiatric nurse. It’s a good day if he’s in a good mood!