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What benefit can 72 hour confinement provide?

Hi, quick question - if it takes a few weeks for medications to start taking effect, then I’m wondering what possible benefit a 72 hour confinement could provide (to somebody who isn’t on them and won’t see a doctor)?


A 72 hour confinement can give the hospital the evidence it needs, through observation, to take the next step towards an extended involuntary hold and possible forced meds.

It can also start or add to the “paper trail” and medical history that a person needs to get a diagnosis, benefits, etc.

It can be a very good step.


A 72 hour hold can also lead to a 5250 code, which is a 14 day hold. If an assualt is involved, it can take another turn in evaluation by the judicial system. Especially If the person is a danger to himself or to others. The laws vary from state to state or country you live in.

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Maybe you could get her to the hospital or doctor by telling her they can tell her what is going on? Just a thought, it sounds like she needs meds. It took a while for my sons medication to kick in. They had to have it court ordered, which involves … going to court. They took him there in shackles and via police car from the hospital.

Thanks for the suggestion - but totally impossible I’m afraid. I’ve tried this idea and variations of it.
The chances of me getting her to voluntarily see a doctor / go to a hospital / have a home visit assessment for any reason at all are totally non existent.

This is my dilemma - voluntary treatment just isn’t going to happen. So I’m sort of waiting to see if she starts getting violent with me, or suicidal, but there’s no signs those will ever happen either.

I hear ya. It wasn’t going that way for my son either. If she does get violent with you or threatens you - I wouldn’t press charges as that just gets the whole justice system involved - another added nightmare you don’t need. Is she eating and bathing?

I’d never consider pressing charges if she did get violent, I know it wouldn’t be her doing so.
But in a way (which I feel guilty for thinking this way) I’m sort of hoping she might if there’s no other alternative to move things forward, as it would at least bring things to a head and hopefully lead on to something from that even if initially distressing and unpleasant.

Eating is no problem at all, she eats regularly and its not junk food. Bathing less so - I can manage to get her to take a shower maybe only once every two or three weeks, and in between those I can persuade her to let me wash her feet in the sink a bit more often than that. She actually brushes her teeth herself without prompting from me fairly often surprisingly.