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What I face All alone!

If there is anyone from the Wilkes Barre PA area reach back to me! I am 63 and “he” is 58 ., 58 400 lbs and NO weight management nor financial…I have absolutely no support. HE was dropped from the Act Team and is IN patient…I am trying to APPEAL…

Its hell to face this alone., as I have no family. Many days MOST days it consumes “me” I have done all I can to help …He is un motivate with domestic help, its just the two of us…this i HELL

your options are very limited, call adult protective services or the police and beg for help…

what would one want to call police for? YOUR response is the craziest thing I EVER read!

you seem pretty desperate and they would appoint a social worker to you…


you didn’t know? everyone here is crazy… actually you need out, right? they might help place him somewhere, given your age and circumstance, your options are limited, sorry

Welcome to the site @djm1231 . I am sorry you are going through a hard time and that you feel alone. Severe mental illness is very hard for all caregivers to deal with, I believe that each of us has at one time or another felt as you do. I am in Florida, and found help with NAMI, the police, the Baker Act (forced hospitalization), and advice from others on this site. It was ONLY a judge who court ordered medication for my daughter that led to her psychosis being broken with monthly injections.

I hope things work out in some way for you while he is in-patient.


Here is a web site for services in your county:


One thing I do need to mention on this and I would like it “public”…The ACT TEAM, Nanticoke, PA. Ms Mallory Kullig TEAM LEADER “framed my brother” It needs to be known professionally and publically. When we deal with CARE and love there is not room for a person who is truly unethical and lies…This is WHAT Ms. Kullig and THAT team are!