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What risk for my son to have sz?

I have a 14 y son who told me today he has an evil “friend” that only he can see. He tells him he is bad and stupid, that nobody likes him. He forces him to do bad stuff or say bad stuff. He “takes over” when he gets angry and gets a blackout.

He sees shadows in the corners of his eyes. He sees people that does not exist.

Sounds all to familiar. Probably best to get him to talk about these things with someone and get a proper opinion from a professional.

Talk to a psychiatrist and see what he or she thinks. You can always get a second opinion if you need one.

**Hi @Comatose~~
Definitely have a psychiatrist and your family doctor check him out… **

If you or your spouse have schizophrenia, then I think the chance of your son having sz is about 13%.

Ouch. I did not want this hell to my children. I had a hard time as a kid and decided not to have children when I was 10. But I had 2. Then I did a hysterectomy.

I talked to my son yesterday. He was sad and thought I would not like him anymore now that I know what “freak” he is. I told him I hear voices. He did not believe me but then he understood why I have my “ghost meds”, to make the ghosts go away.

I’ll call child psychiatrist today. At 8 AM when they start working.

I’ve talked to them now and We will get an appointment within 30 days.

Perhaps to old at 14 but may help somebody. Genetic counselling would be the place to go if your thinking of having kids and worried. Checks past history and crunches the numbers for chances of your child to have any hereditary illness.

Well the earlier they catch these things the greater the chance he will be able to adjust well, or so I hear. It is better to know than to not know.

This is unfortunate , let’s hope its a transient thing.

I hope too that it’s a period in his life that will pass. He’s been reading about sz and bipolar. He recognizes things with himself in both diagnoses.

We got admitted to the hospital. He is getting Zyprexa and now sleeps like a baby. I stay here with him.

wow that happened fast. all the best

Yes! I thougt we had to wait for months. They just picked us in. The child pdoc said it was a very serious matter and had to be treated at once. Hopefully this is connected to his autism and then maybe he can discontinue the medicin in 6 months or so and be well. That’s what the pdoc said.

every child needs a soft place to fall…you have given your son that…good on you :heart:
take care :alien:

He changed meds to Abilify yesterday. He sleeps all day on it. Also my poor boy got nausea and dropped blood pressure. He has been sleeping for two hours by now. It’s almost 9 PM here.

He needs to sleep a lot. Sleep makes voices and paranoia better. ER told us to hold the Abilify until Monday when pdoc works again and maybe start on a lower dose. He got 5 mg. It might have been too high to start with. He got a Alimemazin to sleep on. He wont get it this evening. I don’t think he needs it.

Oh yes. Also it did scare him but the will of getting rid of the voices is stronger. He asked me if he could take Abilify in the evening instead because he is so tired. And he wanted to try again with a lower dose.

this reminds me of two different people, me and my brother. My father has schizoaffective disorder and so i inherited that from him. But my brother has autism and bipoloar disorder with adhd. He has said before that he hears voices and sees shadows but his diagnoses have never changed. I think they have always thought i was connected with his autism so they put him on abilify too. It helped him but he said it made him very tired. So he stopped taking it. He claims to not see or hear things anymore. But he still has paranoia, so maybe he is schizoaffective like my dad and i who knows i just know he supposedly grew out of the hallucinations.

Trying with a lower dose sounds like a good idea… Most psychiatrists substantially over medicate “just to be sure” but side effects tend to be significantly less on a lower dose, so it is worth your while to try and find the minimum effective dose.