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What should I do, my 31 yr old son who has schizophrenia (he lives on his own) is selling his meds for drugs?

Pls help, just found out my 31 yr old son is selling his meds to buy drugs. What should I do?

If he lives with you, lay down the law. Drugs are bad for the person and the people that love the individual.

I don’t know if you should go legal about this situation because of further complications. Maybe contact a phycatrist if he has one or talk to him personally. Other than that if his wellbeing is truly at stake do what you have to do.

He must have a doctor that is prescribing him drugs, maybe you can go talk to them and explain what’s happening and they can give you advice.

You may want to look into informing police because he could unintentionally be harming the people he sells his drugs too…and they might get even get involved anyway if they catch him in the act of selling drugs.

But I would go to his doctor first. If he lives with you perhaps the doctor and you can determine if he needs hospitalization. It may be hard, but I’m sure with his doctor you can come up with a plan to help him. Either get into a place where they can control his medicine and make sure he either takes it, or can’t get a hold of it to sell it.

You might want to look into a rehab place as well if he’s selling for other kinds of drugs. Maybe an intervention might work, or get some kind of legal authority over him to send him to a place that can help.

If there is a way to keep them in a locked box or safe in your house, then give him the meds as he needs them and WATCH him take them. That’s what my mom did And still does with me. I never sold them for drugs but I had repeated tries of ODing on my meds. You need to keep on eye on him, I’m sure there’s a way that you can make sure he’s getting his meds properly and not trading them for other drugs. Best wishes! I know it must be hard

I did the same thing 25 years ago. I used the money to buy other drugs which I assume your son is doing.
Selling my meds made me feel guilty as hell because they might have harmed someone. If you decide to confront him, maybe you could tell your son that his meds might seriously cause someone problems. If he feels guilty enough, he might stop.

This sounds horrendous, I’m so sorry for you… I don’t know what you can do but try not to get over emotional as you will send yourself into an early grave. Try look to the future…

you could try to get him on depot. incidentally what meds does he take?