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What would happen if somebody "intelligence swatted" you?


I was diagnosed with schizophrenia at the age of 29 after an incident at work where i thought my manager’s boss asked me “are you CIA? our chief [xxx] officer is ex-[xxx] intelligence”. And in addition to that I felt that I was tripping despite not having taken anything in the recent past that might cause this. And then an incident a year later that involved identity theft.

I’ve been trying to figure out for years why someone would ask that. And I’ve finally got a plausible reason.

An intelligence swatting.

Being the receipt of a letter or package by a manager with a compromising photo of an employee who just started (nothing illegal) and perhaps a list of information about the employee - some items true, some items false (not that you would know which was which).

Would you:

  1. Confront the employee directly, tell them about the package and its contents and ask for an explanation;

  2. Let go of / fire the employee;

  3. Test or help course correct the employee - possibly through the use of stories, analogies, etc.

Check out It’s for people with psychosis. I’m on there. You might get more response in that forum rather than the family one

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Yep. I’ve had ~4 x psychoses. Got a diagnosis of schizophrenia and then schizoaffective disorder. I am beginning to believe now that instead it is rather Complex PTSD. I felt as though for a period of time leading up to the scenario described in my first post, I was tripping on acid despite not having taken any in the recent past. Like a bad trip. I am relatively confident I know who might have done this - “dosing” me + above scenario (I was living with them).

All that said, I am an analyst. I break apart / deconstruct systems (or states) to understand how they work. My current situation is that I hold the beliefs that I had whilst in psychosis (previously, between psychoses I had written them off as delusions based upon what the hospital, my parents, friends, family etc were telling me).

But my thoughts are not looping or racing, I am not hypervigilant, I feel as though I am not paranoid or fixating anymore. I actually feel calm and at peace, and no longer feel fearful. My thoughts do not seem disordered. And the conclusion that I have reached is not beyond the realms of possibility and would actually be quite simple to pull off.

You don’t have all the color / context, and I don’t have the time nor inclination to write it all here in a public forum.

Also, during my psychoses I have been able to perform analyst-type duties, albeit at a much lower capacity (due to other stuff pre-occupying my thinking), and I have done so accurately. My “delusions” have all been to do with social interactions and constructs. And have been specific. I have learnt that I do not hear disembodied voices.

Naturally, such a situation is highly unlikely and would seem implausible, but once you eliminate the impossible, no matter how unlikely - the simplest explanation is the most probable.

Finally, although I never learnt this growing up - I have begun to utilize storytelling, analogies, etc to help others who are close to me, whilst ensuring I do not reveal the source of the information I received. And have noticed that it normally causes people to open up.