Which is the best stone for ring?

I am looking for the best precious stone for my ring purpose. I am a little bit confused about Diamond and Tanzanite.

Never heard of Tanzanite and did a brief search online about it, very pretty blue stone. Apparently they’re rarer than diamonds? It is only found in one place in the world Tanzania, at the foothills of Mt. Kilimanjaro. The colors can range fromvelvety blue to exotic violet. I found this site with information on it:

Thanks for sharing such a nice link.

so are alexandrite’s They are clearly FTW way to pricey. Rare as funk
If you like to be able to see more clearly through the day after waking up from you’re dreams Peridot are a nice green stone, just the right shades and a form of onyx
Also Sharp colors in these
tourmaline, topaz, garnet
Be well

I would love an Alexandrite, changes colour… :slight_smile:

How about your birthstone, whatever that is? Or jade.

I like Moldavite and i have some small pieces around here somewhere… It formed from a meteor impact in Czechoslovakia a long time ago, so when it is mined out that’s all there will be…

Similar to Emerald