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Will my twin be okay?

Hello there, for the last 2 weeks my twin sister has been going through a hard time.

She told me that all the clocks in her house stopped working, I asked if it were the batteries and she said that all the clocks were ticking but none of the arms were moving.

Her first strange incident was when she was in walmart, a man had been going down her aisle repeatedly and each time he had appeared “more evil” to her. I tried rationalizing him as store security but it did not help.

While talking on the phone her voice did not seem like her own and she told me she was scared and asked me “Am I half dead, am I in a coma?”

She also seemed to slow down her words and had to clarify information she knows. Our 26th birthday was yesterday and she thought we were 27, she could confirm our birthday and year though.

She agreed to an evaluation but her dr appointment today just referred her to a different doctor. My fraternal twin sister has had a tough and dramatic life for the past 5 years. Her ex fiance is in prison for setting fire to their apartment while she was sleeping in it.

Anyway, I’m not sure what my questions are but I think someone can relate or send me some advice. Thank you

she could just be stressed…:astonished:
or have high anxiety
or be over tired :imp:
lack of sleep in normal people can bring on psychosis in some people.
not everything is a severe mental illness…
when your car :blue_car: breaks down…do you think the worst !?!
you check the basics;
the oil
water ( coolant )
then go from there .
take care :alien:

Mysterious. As long as she’s seeing a psychiatrist I think your sister will be o k. I hope she gets better.

I would think she’d be ok. It sounds, like Dark Sith said, maybe like she is tired. I don’t know anything about anxiety though.

The important thing is that she has a dr appointment. It can be really hard to nail these things down until either someone has a huge break and starts trying to fit saddles onto fish or a doctor comes in and sorts it out.

I’ve seen that happen with clocks though. My boyfriend’s clock did that for a while. It would keep ticking but not moving. That only happens after a long time of dying battery (I think).

In all honesty if this is sz you’ve probably caught her very, very early and that’s a good thing.
Please let us know what happens :slight_smile: best of luck!

When I get out of touch with reality it seems to me that I’m the rational party and everyone else is behaving irrationally. I think that’s why a lot of sz’s are dead set against treatment when they’re psychotic. It’s everyone else who is out of line. I think it is good that your sister is being evaluated. Monitor her behavior for signs of self destructiveness and/or violence. It’s always a big decision to step in when a person is psychotic - to temporarily deprive her of her liberty and force her to accept treatment. There are unpleasant side effects that go along with most anti-psychotic medications. It’s good that you’re concerned about your sister, even though it must be emotionally draining.

When women start to have this happen, better to not live alone or wrong people try to latch on. I would ask her to stay near family, even more in with you and just be supportive. Walmart will let you transfer anywhere.

This kind of stuff usually starts after she met someone who was threatening people or fought with someone wealthy, possibly got confrontational about something.

You need to understand a lot of people hear the voices sometimes and will do something to make another person uncomfortable, especially men who actually start to like being a weirdo. It’s almost normal to hear the voices some of the time now… Some churches totally tell their members the voices are God and they have to do what they are told including tracking down a specific person, in a specific location and specific time to verbally harass them (called thought broadcasting). There are whole churches of weirdos who will verbally harass someone, some churches that do worse and worse non-Christians, though sometimes the Atheists are less of a problem in some really screwed up communities.

Someone of these thought broadcasters may walk up to your sister talking about something private to here like where she has been recently, which is way someone tries to pick up people who just start to get anxious and show mental stress, then turn to mental care. These people can be good guide to the community as he understand what is wrong in the community and understands what is happening to her, but these men will usually work someone over or dump them when the voices demand it for him so he is totally ‘conditional’…AT LEAST TRY TO TALK TO THESE A LITTLE UNLESS PERSON ASKS CONFUSED OR HOSTILE, THESE KNOW A LOT IF SISTER IS FEELING SCARED/ANXIOUS AND THIS DOESN’T MAKE SENSE YET. Other way this works, is these guys turn out to be a weirdo like someone who follows you around the store at work going into store repeatedly and these are the only kind of men who show you any attention at this ‘stage’ in life; women turns back to family for a while to feel secure, keep these kind away and reduce her stress; she needs to get back in touch with old friends she knows who are okay like using Facebook and start to date or look for roommates. The women who got shacked or married at this point fair better because if you pass this point alone, you may even have the weirdos try to get you fired at GOOD jobs to get sexual relationships and you won’t get unemployment pay…She could also have a lot of stress about weirdos and weird stuff happening near her home, especially if alone. Being in company of relationship or roommate side kick keeps the weirdos away from home, work and out in public.

I would hold off with the mental care (except if she is showing confusion) if she can relate to this and may let you stay with her a while if she won’t stay near family or trusted friend. She may suffer some insomnia and needs to use over the counter medications.

If your sister just moved, she may have moved into sick place. California and Colorado ruin a lot of women who moved there alone to make relationships and put them on welfare/disability check to use them. I would not move to these areas alone any longer unless you are moving to be close to someone you know really well as some of these women are treated as bad as prostitutes. Lots of places can be REALLY predatorial about women any longer so would choose the suburbs of city to live alone; small towns can really be traps for single women alone with cops who will only hurt her to make her girlfriend for wife beater or methie. (Males are leaving these areas after someone tried to mess then up and they went broke btw.)

Showing the confusion is not good. Someone to keep her company, move her to be near family or mental care observation if really confused may be needed. I hope she was just joking around about being …

Electronics can break or have intermittent glitches…Keep no money in there, glasses on her and I would sleep with chair under door handle too.

I WOULD INSIST ON MOVING HER AWAY IN THIS SITUATION…Something is wrong where she is living and she has wrong kind of male looking at her. Honey, if she is trying to hang on for a jailbird, she may get so many attacks from the trashed nutty males in the neighborhoods she needs to stay with family so she can keep working…If you can get family to visit, if she wants to ditch all belongings you can call around to the charities to see who picks up furniture…(Furnishing can sometimes make noise later if you are leaving something like this, lots of people give these things to homeless shelter. Is cheaper to ditch it all and just get go shopping after you get resettled, even at thrift store. Don’t scare her with this.)

May need to know, some people can sound possessed to her, especially old folks and children. This is called thought insertion. It’s always talking about something upsetting the person should not know…It is internal voice hijacked on a person who is not aware of it. She needs to know to ignore this…It’s bad joke. This used to be called ‘spastic’ by older people. PM if you need anything.

Mental care refuses to discuss any of this…and calls the person crazy. Get angry there and you get locked up in mental hospital for as long as DR can justify. Complain to cops about whoever is busting stuff and get psych hold too…Neighbors may have seen someone coming/going? If you want her to talk to psych DR, seroquel drug at 50 mg is really helpful to cause her drowsiness if taken at bedtime chopped into bits. Causes little weight gain or other side effects. Causes no dependence…These pills are good for 5+ years and would hold onto it because insomnia does return if you come across another group of trouble makers or you move. If she wants to quit seeing psych dr, you just cancel next appointment. (Can be helpful not to work in public for a while if she is getting weirdos…If you move her, see what you can arrange.)

I grew up in screwed up place then met one of the wealthies up to the wrong thing, so I’ve seen/heard a lot and lots of different ways to deal with it. If sister met someone messed up, do not talk to anyone she met through them again. Return no contact attempts and only say ‘we are good’ if stalked and never say another thing to them. These usually stalk someone, even in another city if you move. If you do not talk to someone messed up or the verbal harassers, eventually they leave it alone.

Some cities have groups of kids threatening adults who are psychotic because the residents start to hear voices too in poor neighborhoods – called gang stalking. To not answer this, keep quiet and keep walking. You will be okay for a while but people get burned out or come home to find a burglar in these neighborhoods if you are alone, you need to move when you can…You will find a lot of males who will try to move in with her and run really bad scam on someone on disability checks, so avoid the iffy neighborhoods.

If someone tries to talk nutty to your sister about God or Jesus, she will be ruined for a while and used bad by someone, usually tormented. There is nothing you can do about this but keep quiet and move as far away as you can…Sometimes voices start to talk about God or Jesus, if she doesn’t want to follow orders from the voices which usually keeps you working fast food forever, she needs to move a long way from this. She got caught by someone making slaves…MUST move to place where you know people or leave with someone you know REALLY well next or you may be ruined bad if you are female. If you leave with a male you barely know, they usually turn out to be a wife beater as a rule.

NEVER SAY ANYTHING CONFRONTATIONAL IF YOU MOVE! Lie about reason, keep quiet and you usually get to move just fine and probably have some improvement once she understands some people just don’t act right.

I’ve heard it for 12 years now, nonspot medicated or not, after meeting the wrong people and I work in life/death situations and just ignore the voices as background noise sometimes. It is easier to sleep on meds which is only complaint except meeting some really messed up nuts who tried to use me more/got my symptoms worse, THANKS A LOT A-- HOLE…Do not follow orders from voices, don’t talk to self aloud and lose the old group of trouble makers, avoid whatever is wrong in your community and you will be okay. Can probably work part-time at least after a while of rest.

Mental care in messed up places frequently just causes more upset/anxiety for the victim. Using psych care 30 minutes away from your hometown and filling Rx out of town would be more stable probably…Keep the mental care treatment out of your community if you live in small town for best recovery. I go 30 -60 minutes after seeing small town community and how they treated anyone who used the mental care there.