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A Roof for Recovery: Combining the Principles of Housing First and Early Intervention in Services for People with Psychosis


The availability of affordable, youth-friendly, recovery-oriented housing for persons with first-episode psychosis is limited. We report on the conceptualization, implementation and implications of a pilot housing project combining the principles of specialized early intervention for psychosis and those of “Housing First,” which holds much promise to address this service gap.

Keywords: psychosis, early intervention, recovery, Housing First, employment

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I tried to create a charity
However, no one was interested. It was to build 1 community for them in every city. Not one person wanted to help. Now I’m going to change it to a resource site for them. I would have had a put a community together with nutritionists, vocational rehab component, plenty benches and bridges for those not ready for beds in dorms and volunteer clinics. It was a great dream. No one cared.