Able to hide thoughts, adapt to environment


Side funny: my son cannot relate to younger children, especially toddlers. I used to watch a neighbor boy, about 2 years old, maybe less. Son kept referring to “the creature”. Eventually he became “that baby creature”. He was serious, and could only handle about 30 minutes. Everything this child did was strange to him. He’s been around children, young ones too. He does not like being around “baby creatures”. It was as if he had never acknowledged that young children exist.

He doesn’t want to be around anyone but me. Sometimes he says he wants to spend time with Dad, but right now he’s just checking that out. This means he enters the living room, says something out of context/off/confusing…paces a little, sits down awkwardly, then begins twitching or laughing…and leaves. That’s what he means by “checking it out”. Dad seeks him out, interrupting his computer gaming. THAT is where son basically lives.

On the main topic of hiding thoughts: son for a long time NEVER had episodes in public with Dad. He just appeared quiet and contained. I felt like it was my fault, I was imagining or WORSE: causing the events. Nope…he just had more time with me, and the stuff I do isn’t exactly like what Dad does (errands/doctor appointments/bills/DMV/Bank/etc). Son refuses to go into most stores now. Husband says he refuses to go to WalMart, so he “gets it”. :wink:


Yes, and what an age to stop maturing. The teen years.


Okay, instructor from FtF called this morning. She looked through Dr EFT books and could not find it. She has begun to search through her FtF resources for further information. In the meantime she said:

“Its possible that its more anecdotal than research based” She said her advice, while she continues to search, is that we bear in mind there are many individual truths regarding scz. She said her own son returned to having the extreme enthusiasm of a 5 year old regarding Christmas after his psychosis started. The excitement and fascination with presents was huge. His psychosis started at age 19.

Her advice is - “Don’t be surprised if you see younger behaviors and be adaptable. Use the strategies you would have used back then. If those strategies don’t work, try new strategies”.

She dealt with the fascination with his young Christmas emotions by using Advent calendars, keeping him extra busy as Christmas approached and indulging his fascination with presents. He loved to shop at garage sales for presents. She would limit the amount of presents he bought her by saying they had to buy each other an equal amount of presents so one of them wasn’t opening presents while the other was out of presents. Lots of Christmas rituals. She said it was easy because it was just the two of them living together.

Her son was such a giving man with a sweet personality, people met him and just loved him. He worked hard to help so many people with scz. He came to our home to meet Jeb in an attempt to get Jeb to attend his Peer to Peer class. Nick was always willing to try to help people with the illness and their family members. He actually took on the challenge of flying on planes to more remote areas to help NAMI. Please don’t feel you are being asked to donate, but if you would like to see his picture- we just need to occasionally see actual people don’t we? Go to and enter Nick in the search area.


I sometimes look back and wonder at what point the sz was starting. In younger years, my son had some behavior and social problems, but was an excellent student. He was moved around into various ‘programs’ depending on what the current diagnosis was. When he was quite young, around 5, and was first evaluated at the demand of the child center, due to puzzling behavior, the psychiatrist eventually said, I am not sure. I can call it various things, but from what I am seeing, I think it is likely he will have a mood disorder when he gets older.

In his pre-adolescent and adolescent years he was on a variety of meds - most notably Serequel and Depakote - to address behavioral issues. When he was about 12, he was also diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. He seemed to get depressed when he was a high school freshman, and had a lot of trouble relating with his peers.

His first recognized psychosis was after high school, when he decided to stop taking the meds, and also started experiencing with street drugs.

He recently told me that there is one ‘Army General’ who has been ‘messing with him’ since he was 13. Was he experiencing symptoms of sz then or even earlier?


That lady’s advice sounds so good. Her son nick sounds so sweet. My son is also Nick short for Nicholas :grinning:

My son was offered a peer support worker, a man with schitzoaffectve disorder whom we met a few times and was lovely and could been a great help but my on wasn’t interested.

I can’t view nick on the site, won’t come up when I enter his name in the search.


My son says he was normal till 11 then had his soul taken. I don’t think though he experienced anything then , I feel for him it’s whats going on now. Then again if he says that I guess we have to listen to it as a possibility.


I just tried it and it worked, did you push enter or return on your keyboard after writing “nick”? You could try longer
"in memory of Nick"


Got it, thanks hope. What a sweet young man.


OMG he actually reminds me of my son, same colouring and kind face. RIP Nick .


Its so hard to tell by what they tell us - maybe your son is right or is it a new delusion?

I wonder what my son would say?

I look back a lot like that and wonder. Some of the stuff Jeb does, yeah, a 14 yr old Jeb could have been able to do all those things like camping, driving, booking hotels. What has puzzled me is how Jeb’s attitude for post college was that we should continue to support him. He seemed to assume it was a fact - just took it for granted. He seemed equally puzzled that anyone would suggest otherwise.

Maybe just like a 14 year old


He was such a good hearted guy. But he took it in stride when he couldn’t get Jeb to bond with him.


That’s so similar to us, my son would say, I’m your son !, he literally even as an adult (pre medication days). Would say stuff like it’s my home and I’m not going anywhere , not till I get what’s mine ??? He believed there was some big prize out there for him. In fact he satill says there is a house and a life all out there for him, he can’t say whom it’s provided by? But it’s a bought house and it’s there. I tell him can’t be us as we are still paying for this house !

It actually scared me how forceful he was as it being his God given right to stay here no matter how much havoc he created to us and we were “expected” to just put up with it. We used to hear IM YOUR SON constantly in a raised voice.

Since meds though he has been less arrogant that way and more

connected to us,


Our son began around 3yo. It’s difficult to distinguish between “normal” fantasies and delusions of a 3yo. He would attack though…very sweet, and then: Booom! He saw things, and would hide from them or attack.

  • A white rabbit who would rip out chunks of his skin. We thought about the Monte Python rabbit, and assumed they were connected at first.
  • Needles sticking out of my face, that “they” said they would do to me.
  • A python that lived in the hall outside the bathroom.
  • All sorts of monsters…mostly with teeth.
  • A grimlin who sat under the end table by the couch and would mock him.
  • A small, creepy child who would follow him about and sit in the corner.
  • Lots of eyes…at first we thought it was the light on the smoke alarm or tv cable box.
  • Lots of teeth.
  • Loads of messages, written in blood on the walls. (Why blood???)
  • Blank faced people, faces melting or disappearing on us.

Sometimes, in the midst of active psychosis, the only thing that would “work” was repeating the instruction to “look at Momma’s eyes”. It helped, he would focus on the blue, just my blue eyes. Not my face…that was often “bloody” in his mind. I had been killed, he told us later. “They” did it, they said they would.

When he was a bit older, he would look images up on the internet that were similar and become so excited that he could show us something close. He was always clear about this…that the image was close but not exact.

I’m attaching what he drew 2 years ago.

He’s on Seroquel and three other meds.

He says the video of Anderson Cooper is accurate, but to please remember (durp for me!!) that the voices sound different for him, as this is a voice actor. (Okay, there’s a difference…I just didn’t think of it.) He also said to remember that there are visual, tactile and taste sensations also occurring. (He went through a taste hallucination period. Very difficult.)


My son stresses about medical issues, too, for instance, if I cough he becomes very concerned.


My brother is 23 and also hides it but he will tell me and my mum things exactly like your son, he has an implant in his ankles etc… he has never said anything like that to my husband or his friends or doctor so it’s SOO hard to explain to his doctor what’s actually gokng on. Maybe try and record him when he tells you these things