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Adult son and wanting to smoke pot


Smoking MJ causes psychotic episodes in my 23 year old sz son. His last episode was 14 months ago and it took about a year for his recovery. During his recovery he has been med compliant, Invega. Just at the point where he seemed most recovered he went out and scored MJ again. I have now imposed additional requirements for him to be able to live at home, including attending dual diagnosis group therapy, and I have taken his phone away temporarily. He understands that if he continues to use MJ he will be homeless.

I have had therapy to help me cease being an enabler. Best thing I did for myself besides taking the NAMI classes.


POT is a disaster for my adult son but he thinks it is fine. I have outlawed it here but not always successful. It’s a work in progress.

Don’t need anything that lightens the grasp on reality.

In Christ strength,