Maybe some direction dealing with my son?

My 21 yo son was diagnosed sz after 2 arrests for weed and worsening psychosis, psych said possible just from weed, had 14 mon sobriety in halfway house and single med (don’t know which). He moved out end August, stayed with friends til moved into own apt, with my help(co-sign and subsidizing rent). Ok job, dishwash and fry cook that he liked until about 2 weeks ago, got fired, admits smoking weed again, becoming more confused, hostile, paranoid. His mom died when he was 4, now says when smokes, he sees and talks to his mom, along with Bob Marley. He stopped meds when moved out of house and NO counseling, adamantly refuses counseling, hospital or meds, btw, lives 90 miles away. Any suggestions how to discuss with him next steps or do I have to wait for him to deteriorate to point that either arrested or can’t self-care and can be forced? He denies any problem, thanks for reading

I’m not so sure it’s just weed, although i am not the one to say so. I happen to be 23 this year, drugs are a bad scene. I’ve smoked weed here and there for 9 years, if i refused treatment or abandoned all interests in moving forward with my life i’d defiantly be doing more than just weed.
Honestly, i’m not “well” enough to work right now but i can say that weed dose cause hostility and sometime negative energy’s. I feel like you just want you’re sun back and that’s not so much to ask, i would try to let him know that the world is not such a bad place and there’s more reasons to stay in the here and now then reasons to hide from the truths.

I would go down there if possible, and take him to the hospital. Then he needs to get into an assisted care facility until he is med compliant.

He’s going to have to leave drugs and alcohol behind if he wants to have a decent lifespan or quality of life. I know this is all scary, but once he gets his head out of the clouds there is hope. He has to know how serious it is. You have to tell him.

My uncle died early in life due to alcoholism and schizophrenia related illnesses. I take my meds religiously, am not on drugs or alcohol, exercise, and attend college. There is hope for him, but you have to show him both the carrot and the stick.

You can do this!

Sounds like he’s not healthy mentally or emotionally.

I like to tell families of schizophrenics that you’re in for a marathon not a sprint. Therefore, what you do with your son has a lot to do with what you feel like doing.

Reading on this board here is a great opportunity to get educated about schizophrenia, and it need not cost much to get a worthwhile education!

I’m a schizophrenic who is actually addicted to pot. Once I get started on smoking pot again, I’m in for a ride, even though everyone knows it is hurting me .


Hi GC~~
This would be hard to deal with if your son is that far away. I`m not sure what the answer would be, but maybe getting him back closer to home would help both of you deal with this together.
Waiting for my son to get to the very bottom was the only way to get any help! I hope you can talk to your son. I also hope you have enough money to get good doctors.
Alot of support for both of you would go a long way…
Good luck to you…

Your son is what they call “dual diagnosed” - sz and addicted to a drug. All I can tell you is to fight to help him, but protect yourself. In Narcotics Anonymous they talk about “detachment with love”.