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Afflicted one’s past explanation

My afflicted loved one said a few years back when she was probably medicated and communicative that she didn’t want to do something regularly like attend classes so that she wouldn’t be perceived as able to be functioning normally and not for others to expect much from her like getting a job and provide for herself. She knew then her limitations which I now just began to understand. However, years later unmedicated and non communicating, I feel she might be trying to prove another point (delusional point) but I mean she isn’t verbally communicating on purpose? Example, she is responsive with body language like I asked her to give me something from her room and minutes later she did, I asked her to press a button on tv remote and she instantly did. All this while refusing to respond verbally for past 2-3 years.

Does it make sense? Or am I overthinking and babbling and mixing things up…

New information! I’m trying not to be overwhelmed by my past ignorance and current sudden flow of information!

@wreklus if it was my mom reading this, she’ll find it a reason to seek involuntary hospitalization for my sister but where they live, the mental hospital is extremely bad so instead I went to a private non-medicinal clinic to learn and try implement CBT but that will take long time… Even that my siblings have this symptom of Alogia, they still haven’t been a threat to themselves or others. As recommended by many here, I got Dr. Amador’s book ‘I’m not sick I don’t need help’, I’m in chapter 5 and all examples so far are of dangerous scz…

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While there is likely an overload of internal turmoil for her, and a flood of information for you, take care to interact with her with compassion and calm temperment.
Over stimulation can be just as detremental for the DX’d as under stimulation.
Be there for her, but not overbearing. It’s an extremely difficult balance to maintain.


She keeps a picture of me and mom and taking it with her around, does it mean anything? I mean it’s Alogia that she cannot speak to me face to face but she wants to look at my picture while I’m visiting her? Is it possible she thinks I’m not real?

Yes, Dr Amador’s hospital experience would put him in touch with a higher percentage of people whose disorder presents a danger. the LEAP conversations work whether or not your loved ones present a danger to themselves or others.

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[quote=“Love_Hope, post:3, topic:6413”]
Even that my siblings have this symptom of Alogia, they still haven’t been a threat to themselves or others. [/quote]

Those who are not a danger (most people with mental illness are NOT a danger) will usually NOT be hospitalized long term despite obvious delusions or hallucinations or negative symptoms. I think that doctors who deal with long term and repeat patients are usually dealing with those who are determined to be dangerous in some way, or are private pay. I assume Dr. Amador would have limited access to MI who are not dangerous, as they wouldn’t remain force-hospitalized. But his method is the ONE thing I’ve found that helps me to figure out what to do to improve life for my daughter and I. It hasn’t led to her agreeing to medicate, but it has led to lots of other agreements that improved our quality of life with this horrid horrid illness.

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