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An image that captures the lives we live


In other topics, the feeling of ‘waiting for the other shoe to drop’ has been brought up. We all know how that feels. We also sometimes feel like it is just raining shoes!

That got me thinking, and I asked an artist to create a picture to capture that feeling. This was the result!

I posted it in another thread and someone suggested I add a new topic just for this so others who might not look at that particular topic would see this.


and also waiting for the spaceship to land


I contacted the artist and ordered an 8x10 print - if anyone else is interested, its $40.00 matted, plus shipping (shipping was $5.00 for mine)

Her website is


Nailed it, @Vallpen.


Rating shoes!i like it❤️


My daughter had been very sick physically as a young child. Her illness had resolved and we had a few good years. When she developed her mental illness, I said to my sister, “I always felt like another shoe would drop.” She replied, “what makes you think there’s only one more?” It was a welcome laugh. Thanks for posting the picture.