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Auditory Hallucinations

How quickly do auditory hallucinations such as hearing voices come on? Is it usually overnight or slowly over time? Also do people usually hear them worse in an enclosed space that would be likely to echo? Such as in the corner of a room, shower, or vehicle?

My mom has auditory and visual hallucinations, I believe she has always had them, it’s just alot more apparent.
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Edit: I wanted to add that early in my life my mom’s hallucinations were more believable things, like people saying things when they were not. Later on it was more apparent when the hallucinations were about the black birds, deer and other animals were talking to her. I always thought she was kind of kidding with me, because of how her body language was, like jokingly. Now, it is 5ft tall badger like animals that walk around on their hind legs, eating children and wearing people clothes in disguise. Writing this all down I can see the progression.

Since they are auditory hallucinations about anything is possible.

While insidious scz progresses even more slowly, seven years from the onset of the prodromal is about average for voices/psychosis to start. I would imagine that when the voices do start it probably seems rather sudden.

It’s hard to get any reliable estimate on the timing and progression of symptoms from those with Sz / SzA. Once hallucinations and similar “positive symptoms” (as in blatantly apparent) start happening, the diagnosed person generally doesn’t care about or simply can’t judge the passage of time, nor remember accurate sequence of events.
I’ve talk to my brother about this a little. It makes him uncomfortable to know that years passed without his ever noticing the days go by.
So, the timing of it all would have to be gained by observation.
As @hope said,
Once those symptoms start, they progress quickly and can be disturbing / traumatic.

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Hello David. At the beginning of the development of his illness, my son said he was only hearing people call his name. After about 2 years of saying he wasn’t hearing anything different, he starting saying he was hearing voices of specific people, telling him things or asking him to do things.

So I guess for us, the auditory hallucinations became clearer and more prominent over a period of time.

The location or whether there was any opportunity for an echo has had no impact.

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