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B/F son quite possibly PS

My boyfriend’s son is 40, soon to be 41. Based on all of the reading I have done. The son is a paranoid schizophrenic. He has never been diagnosed. He will not see a dr, talk to a counselor, talk on the phone, he will yell and scream at those he perceives as present in the room with him. If he is disagreed with, then that person becomes a robot. How do we help him. What can we do to help him see there is a problem and he can do something about it. He will not take medication of any kind. Not even an aspirin. If he does not get his way, then the yelling and screaming which is usually done behind closed doors, is brought into the living room. His father is at his wits end. How do we help his son and maintain our own sanity in the process

Docs, meds, jail, your bf needs buy the SZ son a house, trailer or rv out back

group home might not work out… and apartment would be a tough one too, in my opinion…

Sorry to hear , We all know how disturbing this is for you and your boyfriend . You should contact NAMI and get advise , if he becomes violent or threatens to kill himself you can baker act him by calling the police and asking for a CIT police officer ( who is knowledgable on mental illness ) They will take him to hospital where he would have to take meds . They won’t baker act him unless he is a threat to himself or others

In the meantime i wouldn’t entertain his madness , if he screams and shouts and curses just go into another room until he calms down

How do we force a 40 year old man to go to the dr? We cant tie him up, throw him in the trunk and then hand cuff him to a chair.

The only way is jail if he breaks a law… if he never harms himself or anyone else your options are very limited… Move far away…

The basis of LEAP (LISTEN-EMPATHIZE-AGREE-PARTNER), a technique that is often referenced here, is finding out what would motivate the person to accept treatment. You can learn more about this in the book “I’m Not Sick, I Don’t Need Help”, by Dr Xavier Amador.