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Back almost where we started

Apriprazole , 9 weeks on it Now. It’s awful. Anger, blame, psychosis all back.
Back to,accusing us of letting them in, selling his soul. He says there is a house there for him but he can’t get it till his soul is back.
He needs to take a pill to read minds. He is animated angry and blame is back.

Needs to get appoiment ASAP. He ripped up his meeting letter for next week, he says he’s not going, they aren’t drs they all want him to appear as a porn star, he is going to be gang raped by a bunch of men. He booked a taxi in Burger King but it tricked him to buy tickets to Afghanistan.
He has notes in his room , saying bullet proof car, visa on arrival , trafficked, cardiologist needed to,get soul back, he has texted all this to,a man whom he worked with while first symptoms occurred. He’s now saying he’s called after this man not his grandad. Even though I hadn’t heard of the man before five years ago.
Sorry for the nonsensical rant .


What does his doctor say? I would insist on seeing him/her right away…for everyone’s sanity.

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It’s steadily got worse tonight he went out for alcohol, hubby said he wasn’t getting back in if he brought it home. He drank two cans in the front garden .

He was due an app on thur next week but we are ringing dr on Monday.
The dr last time gave him the choice it was first time being compliant so tried the oral meds as opposed to,the two depots he’s had, looking back though the paliperidone was better than this. Zuclopenthixol not as it made him very sedate and slow.

He’s calm now and back in house walking around upstairs.


So you have to go through the whole weekend like this? Will he take anything to sedate him until you can see the doctor?
I’d call the doctor’s office today, and leave an urgent message with his service. Maybe he’ll call you back with advice or call in a script.


It’s evening here jan, 6.25 pm now. All closed. He’s calm now and tomorrow we can get out the house and Sunday too. Hubby calling Monday.

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Didn’t mean to lecture, just concerned. I hope you have a peaceful weekend. ( I’d still call the Drs office and leave a message.)


Well I say closed, we have the option always of calling the crisis team 24/7 we have in the past but for now I think it’s calmed down.

He did have a few rantsueaterday and today and I just used my techniques we have tried to,lean but tonight my chest hurt and I felt stressed but as I say he’s calmed right down.

I’m still so confused one one hand he’s this way and he last weekend he organised himself a seat on the soccer bus to go to match 1 he away . It’s the only thing he does outside the house.

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Anecdotally, I know so many people who have not done well on this med.

I’m sorry your family is going through this hard time.


Thank you, just noticed I spelt it wrong.

Oh, I don’t know how to spell it; it looked right to me:)

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So very sorry Jane57. Will be thinking of you this weekend.


I’m sorry Jane. I am praying that things calm down a bit before his doctor appointment. Hang in there. You are not alone.


Today he is calm. It’s unbeleivable how things change from day to day.
Contacting dr on Monday and I’m going to really get through to him , not holding anything back .

One of his notes scared me a bit saying the hardest part would be getting a cardiologist (I presume to get his soul back)


Glad yours is calm today, that is good news.

Our children never seem to lose the ability to scare us.