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Chronophobia issues

Most of my daughter’s issues seem to be connected to her feeling chronophobic. The passage of time terrifies her in that she seems to feel like time is crashing in on her and trapping her. She feels it most on busy days and she thinks she doesn’t have much time for free time. She can get into a panic attack when she thinks she is running out of time to do something. At times this fear can be so crippling that she doesn’t do anything at all. She has described how this fear is almost painful for her.
Lately when we do get into an argument, it is connected to this fear… if I try to talk to her when she is being affected by this fear, she will yell at me, “Leave me alone! I am in the middle of something… remember I’m chronophobic!”

Perhaps this fear is based on how the illness affects her perception of time…

I feel sometimes I am running out of time and I have anxiety regarding this. I feel I have I have to do so much so I can Move Closer to my son who is currently in a Facility in California.
At times, I end up doing nothing like your daughter. Does that mean that I have the illness. I am working sometimes 2 jobs so I save more for my Move either this year or early next year.

is your daughter holding a job at the present time?
Does she have any friends to spend relaxing time with her.
I guess she needs to find an outlet to have less down time. what about going out for dinner with you or a friend or to a movie or Bowling, etc…

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Everyone has some anxiety about time sometimes… I think for my daughter it seems the illness has intensified this to the point that this is pretty much her life most of the time.

My daughter is a senior in high school and doesn’t have a job… school is very stressful for her. I am not sure if she will be ready for college at this point. The thought of MORE school terrifies her. She would love to have a job working at a stable with the horses. She is also fascinated by watches… and her best friend knows a watch maker… there was some talk of a possible apprenticeship…

She has a real good friend, but she lives an hour away, but they talk quite a bit by video chat.

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Not everyone should be going to College. apprenticeship is Good also.
if working with horses at stable is what she likes to do, what not!
whatever works for her is good.

Does she takes any anti-anxiety medicine; I think a small dose would help!!

I think she is managing her life OK. She knows what she wants


She doesn’t have an official diagnosis at this point… just a suggestion from doctor that it could be either bipolar or schizophrenia. She is just now at the point where she realizes that medication may help her keep balance in her life

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Well, she actually has so many ideas of what she want that she doesn’t know which one is best for her… she is also very artistic and makes very nice stuffed art dolls…she has considered trying to sell them on Etsy

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it is great that she is talented. you should definitely encouraging her to focus on her artistic skills.
who knows he may end up having a small store one day and hire people to make these stuffed art dolls.