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Correct diagnostic

Hi again can you help me to answer this:
The psychiatrist told us my son have Bipolar psychosis with allucination delusion …but the psychotherapist told us schysophrenia
Is it the same??
How many of you heard that?

Hi Rida,

Bipolar with psychosis is basically the same as schizophrenia but with the addition of mania symptoms. The treatment is with anti-psychotics, and usually with a mood stabilizer also.


I have a family friend diagnosed with bipolar who suffers from delusions. The friend does not hear voices. My NAMI teacher’s son was diagnosed with bipolar and schizophrenia, he did hear voices, they called his situation “schizoaffective”. In Dr Torrey’s book, “ Surviving Schizophrenia A Family Manual” he says that hearing voices is considered to be the hallmark of schizophrenia.

Diagnosing brain disorders can be difficult. There are many presentations of bipolar and schizophrenia.


Thank you for the answer
They gave him lithium and invega IM but sure he is not taking it

Hi @Rida. Just for information and comparison: my daughter went through 5 different diagnoses during/after each of her forced hospitalizations. In the end, the medicine she is on now, was one of the first she received during the first hospitalization, and is the one given during her last hospitalization, with several different medicines in between. It is mostly a trial and error thing, I think, of finding the right diagnosis and the right treatment. Just so you know, it is not unusual at all for a person suffering from hallucinations and delusions to not know it, or not believe it. It is also not unusual for them to come off meds, because, well, if you don’t believe you are ill, why would you believe you need meds? It is often a long hard road to help a loved one with sz or bipolar psychosis. I am sorry you are in this struggle and wish you a path to improvement.

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