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Destruction of Property

My husband refuses to get help for his schizophrenia and he won’t admit of course that he has a problem. He has so many symptoms of it. Bodily jerks at night that he doesn’t realize, suspicious of everyone so he watches surveillance videos of neighbors, thinks everyone is watching him, sensitive to light, passive aggressive, angry, very slow in processing his thoughts, inappropriate responses to situations, the list goes on. One thing he does too is instead of verbally communicating, he will do things like leave a pile of crumbs on the counter or splash food on wall. Once he spread ketchup over the counters. He will put a pile of cereal on the floor as another example. He tears sock fuzz off of his socks and spreads those on the floor. Very strange things I know. Does anyone else have this experience and if so, what do you do?

Hi, my son has schizophrenia and is 37 now. In one of his episodes, he would walk up to someone and pour his drink out on the floor. In his confusion, it was some sort of “test” to see how we would respond. He couldn’t tell us afterwards why he did this. But he doesnt do those things all the time.

Thanks for your response. How did you handle such episodes? My husband does this about every 2-3 weeks and he’ll do several days of it at a time. He seems to be trying to communicate something to me when he does it but he won’t verbalize it. He’ll deny that he knows he did anything when I ask him about it.

I agree that these are forms of communication.