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Do the voices ever go away?

My daughter has been diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder she just started to show symptoms in March/April of this year she has already been on 10 different meds, she will start them in the hospital and take them for about 2 weeks after hospital then stop taking them she is 30, she is now at a stepdown home, and she really does not like being there. She does not realize she has anything wrong, even though she has had a really bad episode where she thought she was someone else, even had the police convinced. I was taking her to the hospital, which is difficult 2 times now she just jumps out of the car and take off when we get there and they will not help at all. So I have to call the police and thankfully so far they have been great. The only reason they thought she was my daughter when they found her was because I described her so well. She had a great story for them though and they believed her. Till I came up to talk to her and she tried to attack me. Anyway she is in a home and she is on a shot monthly, which she was also when she tried to attack me abilify then. They keep saying it needs time but she still hears the voices. She tries to tell them but they don’t seem to listen. She will be getting her second shot of Inveega soon, she has side effects like her eyesite is blurry and she vomits quite often also her thinking is very slow. She still hears and talks to the voices. How long will it take for voices to go away if this is the right meds? When do you know to try another one. Is there a possibility she will ever be back to her old self again.

Olanzapine eliminated my son’s voices quickly, but it does have metabolic side effects. I agree, she has to find the right med. Abilify (aripiprazole) made him restless. He’s never taken Invega. Everyone is different. There’s been talk on this board lately about the GeneSight test, which does report recommendations for antipsychotics. But I suppose trial-and-error would work too. Just make sure she gets regular blood tests to see if any of the meds are causing harmful side effects. Say, every month when a new drug is tried, or the dosages substantially upped.

My son got to the point where he wanted to take the meds because the voices got to be very abusive. He’s been med-compliant for maybe 7 months now because the delusions and voices were so bad during the last episode.

Thank you good to hear a success, I will have to ask about the blood tests, make sure there doing them. When you read the side effects its just scary. but so would going through a bad episode I would imagine or hearing voices…

She says she only hears voices when there is another noise around, like a fan or music. If it is totally quite in a room she doesn’t hear anything so she wears earplugs a lot she says it helps.

Good. I’m glad the voices are quieting down.