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Do you watch days of our life soap? They have a sz character

The character been Weston is a sz. He is absolutely normal when he takes his meds. He is crazy without them. I like when he takes one pill and becomes very normal almost immediately. I would like to know what his pills sre called.


Will check that out thanks

I don’t know that show. But Sonny on General Hospital has bipolar on the show, and the actor, in real life. On GH, his son also is bipolar. I think they do a pretty good job of showing the necessity of staying on meds.

Yes, i watch GH too. Bipolar is more popular on soaps. YR also has a bipolar character Sharon. She is quite normal on meds but behaves very bad without them. Now GH and YR have also Alzheimer’s characters. Days have sz and DID which is dissociative personality disorder. A person has many alters. .

I forgot about the characters w Alzheimer’s. It’s a more realistic scenario then amnesia—a favorite soap malady.