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Does hearing voices automatically mean someone has schizophrenia

Hi All,

I’m not sure if this is the right place to post, so please forgive me if I’m in the wrong place. I’m searching for information about how schizophrenia presents itself. Mainly, if someone hears voices, does that automatically mean they have schizophrenia? I’ve recently starting dating a man that hears voices and I want to know if this is something to be concerned about. He admits there is something going on, but assures me it’s something other than schizophrenia. Is that possible? I don’t know much about the illness, but I have read there are symptoms such as flat emotional states, a preference to withdraw from people, difficultly with hygiene, inability to work, thoughts that people are trying to control you. He does say that he’s a 'targeted individual" and that the government is using radio waves to cause these negative voices. But other than that, he has an outgoing, humorous, witty personality, very, very clear thought processes, is very active physically and socially. Also, he didn’t start hearing voices until he was 35 which, while still possible, is a late time to manifest in men from what I’ve read. He has a full time job executive level job in HR working with people, as well as a side business working in technology. He also admits that he used recreational drugs in his youth. I have zero exposure to this disease, so I don’t know if I’m overlooking things because I really like this man, or if it’s really possible it’s something else. I would appreciate any insight you guys can provide. Thanks!

It is possible to have a stress related psychotic break and not be schizophrenic. There are many criteria to diagnosing any illness. One can NOT diagnose from one symptom alone. If I remember correctly, even in the DSM lV, one has to meet 3 of the five criteria for more then a month in a persistent fashion, unmedicated to even come close to a positive diagnosis.

He needs to talk to someone at least. But that will be up to him. It could be a stress break, it could be a lot of things. Or yes, it could be the beginning of SZ. He will never know what he fighting if he doesn’t talk to a professional.

J is right–there are many different causes to psychosis (hearing voices and the delusion of governmental control). Plus, just because his psychosis started later in life does not rule out schizophrenia. Many people have symptoms for years before realizing or coming to terms with it.

A proper diagnosis and proper treatment are very important. I hope you can help him get the professional services he needs.



Thank you so much for your responses. I agree he needs to have a diagnosis 100%. What I’m wondering is, does the fact that he hears voices automatically mean he is schizophrenic, or is there a possibility it could it be something else?

Hearing voices can also be part of but not limited too:

bipolar, depression, psychotic depression, schizoid and schizotypal personality disorders, stress, manic breaks, anxiety, panic disorders, PTSD, autism, Aspergers Alzheimer’s, dementia, head injury, brain tumor, ADD, ADHD, schizoaffective, borderline personality disorder, and the list goes on and on and on…

That talking to someone would be really helpful.

Well look at it this way…

In the world of religion there is said to be another side to reality, aka the afterlife. If this other side truly exists, then it “TRULY” exists. Thus if you mind is sane, thus it is connected to the truth, rather than be detached from it, then your mind will be connected to this other side, since this other side “TRULY” exists.

However, if your intellect is somewhat limited, then your conscious reach can not extend across a truth of such an enormous two sided measure.

Thus the simpletons will not hear the “VOICES” from the other side.

But most importantly…, not all others on the other side are kind and friendly folk.

If you were a bully on the other side, and you could torment people on this side simply because you are out of sight, out of view, then just how extreme a degree of torture would you put the unfortunately victimized through.

Due to being allowed to get away with it, and being allowed to get away with it since such activities are classified as nothing but the outcomes of a delusional mind on this side of reality, this gives those on the other side the complete OK to do as they wish.

Thus a bloody hell of a lot of torture is set forth to such victims due to it being permitted to be so by the shallow minded giving such bullies 100% approval to do so, thanks to their enormous measure of ignorance and stupidity.

unless he has been hearing them for more than 6 months, no he doesnt have it

No it does not automatically mean that he is schizophrenic.

I saw a video the other day on youtube where they were using a device to make a man hear voices. What he is speaking about is most certainly a real thing, it’s a proven fact that people can do this.

And then there is the burning bush from thousands of years ago, voices can also be spirits apparently.

Also other people hear them as well and have no problems at all that schizophrenics have, voices can be helpful and friendly to those they want to be. Like shaman, shaman hear voices but are not schizophrenic.

Listen, if they made that technology they would need guine(spelling?) pigs to test it out and perfect it, and yes they did make that technology, it’s a proven fact that they made that technology.

psychosis doesn’t necessarily equate with schizophrenia. as a previous poster said, hearing voices is a symptom of several mental illnesses. the only way to determine if what he is experiencing is, in fact, schizophrenia, he needs a thorough evaluation by a professional, and even then, misdiagnosis is fairly common in psychiatric practice, as many symptoms often overlap between diagnoses.

good luck, an d let us know how he gets along


Hearing voices, and believing the government is causing it can both be symptoms of schizophrenia. It might be a good idea to talk to a doctor about it.

Hearing voices alone is not automatic proof of schizophrenia/mental illness . It has to be accompanied by other symptoms. Far more people have heard voices at some time than are diagnosed with a psychotic illness.

I’ve been diagnose schizophrenic I’ve been lock up in a mental hospital for 6 month. i hear voice, I think people from television can telepathy, and I see stuff. Over time I found out all of these are real, and there not a delusion. I’m a christian and even the bible talk about it all the time, but I will try to tell you everything the bible says.

(telepathy through television, book, radio, or even long distant telepathy)
The spirit has no time, God created us as his image so we are like God so reading book, television may seem impossible, but the spirit has no time so it is possible, and God is omnipresent.

(Hearing voice, seeing things)
do not be deceive there is many anti Christ out there even the spirits.

“Do not quench the Spirit. Do not despise prophecies. TEST ALL THINGS; hold fast to what is good.” (1 Thess. 5:19-21).

ok do not stop the spirit, do not despise the spirit, and test all spirits.

it saying TEST ALL THINGS it mean every single manifest every voice, every vision.

My favorite way to test are God wisdom. First I would ask God to give me wisdom, and I would test it and even the devil cannot lie through God wisdom.

James 1:5
If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you.

After you ask God for wisdom, and test the spirit do not despise even the Devil can be honest because they cannot lie through God wisdom. Even the devil did not lie to Jesus they cannot lie to Jesus so you basically become like Jesus.

so whatever you do do not despise even if you know it is not from God do not despise, and always make sure you have God wisdom.

Also do not judge the spirit…
“Let two or three prophets speak, and let the others judge”. (1 Corinthians 14:7). Do you let people judge what is said? This is a commandment of Scripture.

Jesus gave two greatest commandment…

Luke 10:27
He answered, “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind’; and, ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’”

This also mean the voice in your head, and the vision you see they are also your neighbor love them as yourselves do not despise them, and also test every thing with God wisdom.

God wisdom is more worthy than Gold, Diamond, and Jewels now I see why they are so valuable, and so precocious.

Also learn to test the spirit to see if they can confess Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is of God. I’ve done this once, but I never has gotten them to confess I got too scared, and I stop. If you are more gifted than I am like having no problem talking to spirits then get them to confess that if they are unable to confess then it mean they are not from God. If your unable to get it to confess demand it to reveal itself, and speak to you. ( this is a very scary thing to do I’ve done it once it made the hair stand up on my head, and I did not continue I stop.) The holy ghost love it when you ask it to confess, and all spirit that is from God love it too so do not be afraid, and it is not wrong to do that. (please noted after I ask the spirit to confess I started to hear thing very clearly so don’t be surprise if you receive revelation for doing this.)

Lastly! DO NOT TEMPT THE LORD THY GOD! This is the biggest lesson I have learned this has sent me to the hospital a few times… Do not test the Lord about which church is true, or which religion is true. The bible says it very clearly thus shall live by faith asking God what the truth is the same as tempting, or testing. God has already shown us a test through Jonah the whale he is not going to do it again. (you can get wrath of God for doing this).

Alright hope it help!

there are people that here voices that never become psychotic. it is though a shame about the radio waves thing , it is a common problem in schiz , how old is he now? He sounds old for schizophrenia.

yea about the radio thing i wouldn’t judge it there is no limit what a person gift might be there is nobody in the world that have the same gift that work alike so I wouldn’t understand it myself, but I do have similar thing, and it only happen when i have the station on, or television on. I would feel the person, the spirit would testify, and it would manifest along with the other side as well. You can easily think of a person, and it would manifest, and the preacher on television that ask you to raise your hand on television to get prayed for these thing does actually work.

I wouldn’t be surprise if somebody has an ability to detect radio wave without any station being turned on, and I image it’s a torture lol.

My best advice for this is to surrender yourselves surrender it just as you would surrender to Jesus so surrender it. If you feel weird, feel anxiety, feel uncomfortable it could be spirits speaking to you trying to get your attention so just surrender to it then peace will take over.

If you get a buzzing feeling it is spirits trying to speak to you surrender to it, and you will see an amazing result. Most of the time I would get peace afterward and it would last weeks after I surrender to it. I would feel pride, embarrassment, guilt, just an uncomfortable feeling where you want to leave the room, or where you can’t find peace this is the kind of thing I am talking about surrendering to.

Love your neighbor as yourselves so surrender to your neighbor! this is Jesus 2nd commandment! This work well for me it might be anything just don’t be offended there is no limit, and remember there is no sin if your not under the law so surrender, and don’t be offended.


alright hope it help with the radio thing…

wow her post was dec 13 , I guess she found out one way or another if it was a problem or not.

well i found this on google if i find this on google i am sure it will help other. Sorry if I revive old thread. I just felt like I need to speak up, and help people so they don’t get lost in a despair if they are schizophrenic, or is it something else. Doctors do not care if you have a gift once you tell the Doctor that you hear voices they will automatic put you on some kind of medication. Doctors already know about these thing they know it is real, and they got proof, but they still do not care, and still will drug you. They will not tell you that you have a gift, and they are not interested in trying to help you with your gift. Maybe this will help other people to know if they have a gift or not, or if they are just plain schizophrenic.

I have a girlfriend she see seahorse, and talk to many different creatures, and I thought she was schizophrenic, but later on I realize she was seeing animal guides. So I just want to say test all things don’t fall for doctors they don’t care about gifts, or bible, or anything there hired for one thing that is to prescribe you medicine, and they work for the drug company that is it.

Even a little hard drug experimentation can cause induced psychosis. It is hard to treat but your friend may be used to ignoring his symptoms.

If your friend had a fight with someone before onset of symptoms which is really common of older onset cases, situation can improve itself if he doesn’t talk to anyone from that group of people again. It’s best to not discuss whatever dirty laundry either. If he does not follow orders from voices or talk aloud to self, he may have relief of voices in 2-3 years. Some return to the group of people and just help out when ordered to do so…probably finding new victims or using job to do favors.

Sometimes, the community just has people who have never had the voices start to hear it enmass. If you don’t follow orders from the voices or talk aloud to self, things get better after a while. He will run into a lot of people who do not act right because they are part-time psychotic and many have given into following orders from voices to stalk someone, vandalize, use their work against customers…This is ‘social problems’…

Some people may sound possessed to him but it is just a bad joke called thought insertion. YOur own internal voice can be hijacked. Kids and old people never know they are ‘spastic’ sometimes and no need to answer as kid can’t help it.

Some cities have gangs of kids harassing psychotic people in poorer neighborhoods called gang stalking. If you see this stuff, don’t answer the kids and you may be in unsafe neighborhood so better to leave.

A lot of people are hearing the voices some of the time and just used to functioning and ignoring it. Please ignore your friend worrying aloud as it’s hard to have the strangers bother you, called paranoia. If he isn’t being bothered much by strangers yet, if he cuts ties with anyone who threatened him right before the voices started and just does not return any more contact attempts, he may not have a lot of social problems. Some people call themselves targeted individuals and insist the psychosis is man-made torture allowed by govt – happens mostly to ex-wives of wealthy, unwilling mistresses, sex abuse victims, business rivals and college students hanging around wrong wealthy people.

To specifically answer your question, someone has to hear the voices for at least 6 months to be considered schizo but usually person is called bipolar until strangers begin to bother them. I think hardest symptom to deal with is insomnia which the meds can treat – seroquel at bedtime cut into pieces is helpful to cause drowsiness if your friend must take anti-psychotics.

lol wow your very limited, but i do agree with you however. This world is a very sad, and challenging world, and people perish because of lack of knowledge. I appreciate your concern you are right about people stalking, and hurting themselves, or other because they are going through a symptom they do not understand.

This is one reason why I got lock up for 6 month I was hurting other because I was desperate crying for help, and I am also glad I got lock up for 6 month I’ve met a lot of schizo in the hospital that has help me cope with my so called “schizo”. I learn to keep it quite, keep it to my selves, I learn more from other “schizo” than I have ever learn from the doctors, or counseling.

I still believe people should have choices like American they have gasoline only they are just started to allow Ethanol, and few other. I believe people should have choices how they should be treated. It’s a conspiracy and it is all about monopoly and control they want everybody to use the pill rather than the truth.

I am not a doctor, and I do not recommended anybody to do what I say, All I am is a “shizo” that has recover. I do not take medication, I am no longer psychotic, I am no longer out of control, I learn the truth, and I got my facts, and I am happy with what I know, and what I learn. It has took me over 15 year to learn, and after 15 year of rebelling against the hospital, 15 year of hiding it has paid off, and I am so glad that I did that. Now I know that the doctor is wrong, and I know I am not sick, or have delusion. I have knew that from the beginning that they was wrong, and I have knew from the beginning it was something that the bible talk about all the time so I study, and learn a lot.

I got into spiritualist, and medium now I’ve learn even way more than what the bible has ever taught me. i learn about spirits guides, I learn about buddah, Chraka, Auras, and after I learn all that it has set me free even more, and help me understand why I am experiencing these thing.

I am so glad I rebel well I didn’t rebel I got scared because I didn’t want to get lock up, and there was many times that I need help, but I was too proud to get help, and I am glad that I never did go back.

People that hear voices for more than 6 month doesn’t mean they are automatic shizo. I have heard voices for over a year, and I know what these voices are it took me nearly a year to figure it out what it is.

Clairaudience is receiving messages in thought form from another frequency or realm. It is considered a form of channeling. We actually do it all the time, especially under duress, or in an emergency, when we focus/listen to what we call the ‘little voice’ in our head.

O.K. I am not a doctor I do not recommended anybody not to go to the hospital, but I will tell the people my experience, and I will not mislead anybody. Do it at your own risk.

There are several mental illnesses that can produce hearing voices he probably has what I recently learned is called thought broadcasting - which is a belief that others can hear your thoughts and if paranoia is present it can cause a pretty common fear of governmental persucution. There is also what is called thought intrusion where voices can introduce beliefs that are untue of course but lead to further paranoia. I can really relate I became schizophrenic when I was 35 and I thought at one time I was also a targeted individual. I read too much online and I fell for a belief of government persucution it was a long road to recovery but I have a very supportive partner who helped me out of the maze that my mind created. My advice ask him to discontinue reading about tagetted individuals because in time this will consume him. Be supportive but strong because you can’t allow him to fead into his delusions. I can really indetify with him I went down the same thought patterns and recovered by removing the paranoia from my mind. I can’t tell you if he is schizophrenic but i feel for him. Be strong.

No , definetly not , but probably at a greater risk…